Social Media Marketing Agencies in New York

Social Media Marketing Agencies in New York

In our hunt to map the contours of America’s social media marketing genius, Werner Geyser and I, hailing from Influencer Marketing Hub, turned our gaze toward the electric avenues of New York City. Known as the media capital of the world, New York is not just the largest media market in the United States but a crucible where diversity meets dynamism. It’s a city that embodies America’s top media market, capturing a staggering 7% of television-viewing homes across the nation.

Our exploration was more than a mere tally of top agencies; it was a deep dive into a city where the pulse of marketing innovation beats strongest. Here, the television and film industry ranks second only to Hollywood, bolstering a rich ecosystem where over 200 newspapers and 350 consumer magazines thrive, and where the “Big Four” recording companies have set their thrones. In such a vibrant landscape, New York’s social media marketing agencies are not just participants but pioneers, shaping narratives that captivate and engage on a global stage.
Our journey through New York’s social media scene unveiled agencies adept at navigating the city’s unique blend of culture and commerce. These agencies harness the latest digital trends and MarTech innovations, crafting campaigns that resonate deeply with diverse audiences. In a city known for its relentless pace and boundless creativity, these agencies prove that strategic social media marketing can elevate brands to new heights, creating meaningful connections in the world’s most saturated markets.
Reflecting on our discoveries, it’s evident that New York City offers a singular backdrop for social media marketing excellence. Here, amid the buzz of the “media capital,” marketing is not just about visibility but about making an impact. As we’ve seen at Influencer Marketing Hub over the years, New York’s scene is ripe with opportunities for agencies ready to merge creativity with strategy, ensuring that in the city of skyscrapers, even the sky isn’t the limit.

Social Media Marketing Agencies in New York:

social media marketing agencies new york

Social Media Focus
Location: New York, New Jersey
Size: 50+
Best for: Small and Medium Size Businesses
Minimum Project Price: $1,000+
SmartSites, a titan in digital marketing with a base in New York and New Jersey, shines across numerous industries. Their mastery in social media marketing is evident through their strategic use of channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, driving significant traffic increases for clients. 
Leveraging their status as a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, they offer comprehensive services from content management to web design, all tailored to double website traffic for most clients within six months.
Their track record speaks volumes, especially with the impressive turnaround they achieved for Audi New Rochelle. By honing in on the dealership’s social media strategy, they not only increased post likes by 82% but also grew the page by 94%, showcasing their ability to drive meaningful engagement and growth.

Social Media Strategy and Management
PPC Advertising
Website Design

Social Media Savvy
Location: New York City, Arlington, Texas; Los Angeles, California
Size: 10 – 50
Best for: Enterprises, Large and Small brands
Minimum Project Price: $1,000+
A powerhouse with offices in New York City, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency stands out for its holistic approach to digital marketing. Their expertise spans from SEO to social media marketing, crafting bespoke strategies that cater to the unique digital landscapes of platforms like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. 
With their expert team, Thrive takes social media marketing to the next level, offering everything from organic content posting to savvy paid advertising, all designed to boost your brand’s visibility and integrity.
Take their work for Petersen Games. They were looking to up their social media game and boost their crowdfunding campaigns. Thrive stepped in with a custom package that mixed organic posts with targeted ads, leading to impressive results like a +10 average purchase return on ad spend and over 773,674 Facebook impressions. The real magic? Their approach isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s tailored to fit your brand’s unique vibe and goals, ensuring you not only get noticed but also build a loyal following that genuinely connects with your brand.

Social Media Management and Marketing
Email and SMS Marketing
Link Building

SaaS Social Media Experts
Location: New York City, Irvine, California
Size: 50+
Best for: Midmarket, Enterprise
Minimum Project Price: $5,000+
Directive Consulting excels in steering SaaS companies towards remarkable growth with their lead-gen focused marketing solutions. They employ a blend of SEO, paid social, and content marketing to capture and convert leads. Over 200 companies trust Directive to spearhead their SMM needs, a feat that leads to longlasting partnerships. 
More on the social side, Directive are experts in paid media, having managed over $100 in ad spend and consistently delivering over 3X the ROI. Simply said, Directive knows how to advertise on social media, and they know how to engage your audience. 
Their New York office enables them to leverage the city’s vibrant SaaS community, providing strategies that have significantly amplified impressions for clients like Sumo Logic. This particular partnership, having lasted just unde 4 months, resulted in generating over 2 million impressions across socials.

Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing

Mobile and Social Media Gurus
Location: New York, San Francisco, London, Israel
Size: 10 – 50
Best for: Businesses of all sizes
Minimum Project Price: $5,000+
Moburst, with its global presence, including New York, specializes in propelling apps and brands to stellar heights. Their comprehensive services span from user experience and digital strategy to social media management, tailored to fuel sustainable growth. Their impressive roster includes Uber and Google, attesting to their prowess in navigating the digital realm effectively.
On the social media front, Moburst leverages over a decade of experience to propel brands into social-first entities. This approach kicks off with an in-depth understanding to learn what makes your audience tick, followed by a content strategy that bypasses the standard cookie-cutter. 
Moburst develops everything from eye-catching posts and videos to multi-language targeted content. They’ve got the tools and the talent to make your brand stand out on every platform. Plus, their data-driven method means every move is calculated to bring the best outcomes, with regular reporting to keep you in the loop. 
To supplement their social media marketing efforts, Moburst delves into influencer marketing, a strategy that promises exceptional conversion rates. Thanks to their vast network of influencers, spanning every product category, they ensure brands get the boost in conversions they need to make an impact.  

Social Media Management
Digital Strategy
Media Buying

Influencer Marketing Specialists
Location: New York, Houston, Los Angeles
Size: 1 – 10
Best for: Large Companies
Minimum Project Price: $50,000+
HireInfluence isn’t just playing the influencer marketing game; they’re redefining it. From their New York base, they’ve been setting the gold standard since 2011, marrying creativity with strategy to launch campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences. 
With big names like Adidas and eBay on their client roster, they’re no strangers to crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression, not just fleeting ads. Their approach is bespoke, tailoring each campaign to the unique goals and KPIs of their clients, ensuring that every move is strategic and every outcome impactful.
Take the #MyMTVStyle campaign for MTV, for example. HireInfluence zeroed in on Gen Z by harnessing the power of TikTok, aligning perfectly with MTV’s vibe of creative expression. They handpicked top-tier influencers who nailed the brand’s message with authentic, fashion-forward content, driving an impressive 16.1 million impressions and 217k engagements at a cost-effective CPE of $0.10. Their white-glove execution and data-driven performance reporting mean they’re not just executing campaigns; they’re crafting trends and building emotional connections that turn audiences into advocates. 

Influencer Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
Full-Service Production

Location: New York, Washington D.C.
Size: 50+
Best for: Small to Large Businesses
Minimum Project Price: $1,000+
PBJ Marketing stands out for its comprehensive approach to digital marketing, with a significant focus on paid media, SEO, and social media management. Their bi-coastal presence enables them to serve a diverse array of industries effectively. 
Known for their data-driven methodology for success on social media, PBJ Marketing ensures businesses achieve tangible results, whether increasing online visibility or driving engagement. Their expertise in crafting bespoke social media strategies helps brands engage with their audience meaningfully.
Take Futurebiotics as a case in point. PBJ didn’t just give them a social media makeover; they ignited a conversation, increasing Instagram likes by 902% and Facebook likes by 187%. Their strategy was all about connection—connecting the brand with a curious, health-conscious audience through insightful content and sparking discussions that led to a 220% spike in website traffic. 

Paid Media Management
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management

Location: New York City
Size: 10 – 50
Best for: Midmarket to Enterprise Brands
Minimum Project Price: $5,000+
Bird Marketing isn’t just a player in the digital marketing game; they’re a force to be reckoned with, especially in the realm of social media. Based in the UK but making waves worldwide, Bird’s expertise turns the complex social media landscape into a strategic playground for brands. With a roster of clients like Huawei, they’ve proven their mettle in weaving innovative strategies and creative solutions that push brands to the forefront of digital visibility and engagement.
Bird’s mastery over platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to the dynamic realms of TikTok and Snapchat, showcases their ability to not only understand but capitalize on the unique attributes of each platform. Their services extend beyond posting and into strategic consultancy, content creation, community management, and analytics, ensuring every aspect of your social media presence is refined, engaging, and impactful.
Their approach is bespoke, recognizing the individuality of each brand and crafting a social media presence that’s not just seen but felt. 

Social Media Marketing
Creative Design Solutions

Location: New York
Size: 1 – 10
Best for: SMBs, Nonprofits, Startups
Minimum Project Price: $1,000+
The Bureau of Small Projects is where big dreams of small businesses, nonprofits, and startups come to life. Operating out of New York, they’re all about making every word and every pixel count. With a focus on social media, branding, web development, and content creation, they go beyond just making things look good; they’re about crafting stories that resonate and stick with your audience.
Their approach to content marketing isn’t just about filling space; it’s about meaningful storytelling that aligns with your strategic goals, whether it’s boosting sales, garnering donations, or rallying volunteers. They understand the power of words and ensure that every piece of content, from simple social posts to blogs, reflects the quality and credibility of your brand.
But what’s a great story if it’s not heard? The Bureau doesn’t stop at creation; they push your content out into the world through their vast influencer network, ensuring your message doesn’t just reach people; it moves them. With the right influencers and content amplification strategies, they ensure your brand is not just seen but remembered, turning Friday night dreams into Monday morning conversations.

Social Media
Content Creation

Location: New York
Size: 10 – 49
Best for: All Sizes of Businesses
Minimum Project Price: $10,000+
Digital Silk is more than just a digital marketing agency; they’re your strategic partners in building a commanding online presence. With their roots in New York, they extend a full spectrum of services from SEO and content marketing to comprehensive branding and strategy consulting. Their prowess isn’t confined to just making your brand visible; it’s about connecting, engaging, and converting your target audience through digital strategies.
Their approach to social media marketing is both holistic and data-driven, ensuring your brand not only launches effectively across digital channels but also thrives with increased engagement and growth. Digital Silk’s expertise spans organic social media management, targeted social media advertising, and dynamic community management, all tailored to your brand’s unique objectives.
Whether it’s deciphering the most profitable channels, managing your content calendar, or crafting influencer marketing strategies, Digital Silk ensures every aspect of your social media is optimized for success. Their commitment to delivering valuable, engaging content and their adeptness at navigating the complexities of social media advertising mean your brand doesn’t just participate in the digital conversation—it leads it. 

Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Content Marketing
Branding and Strategy Consulting

Agency Services
Social Media Management in New York: Agencies in New York specialize in the creation, scheduling, and management of content across popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, ensuring a cohesive and engaging online presence. For instance, Directive Consulting, a New York-based agency, is known for its precise attention to detail in digital marketing, including social media management.
Paid Social Media Advertising in New York
New York agencies assist businesses in crafting and executing paid advertising strategies on social media to target a broader audience effectively and meet specific objectives. AMPIREGRAM, a creative New York agency, excels in maximizing ROI through innovative marketing strategies, including paid social media efforts.
Influencer Marketing Services in New York
Local agencies focus on identifying and partnering with influencers to extend a brand’s reach. Agencies like BOVRBON in New York leverage their extensive networks to enhance brand visibility through strategic influencer collaborations.
Social Media Strategy Development in New York
With a focus on aligning with clients’ business goals and understanding the target audience, agencies in New York develop bespoke social media strategies. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency stands out for its tailored approach, ensuring each campaign resonates well with the intended demographic.
Content Creation and Creative Services in New York
From crafting visually compelling posts to engaging videos, New York agencies offer a spectrum of creative services to make social media content stand out. BPCM’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing includes high-impact content creation that captivates audiences.
Social Media Analytics in New York
Offering insights into campaign performance, agencies in New York provide analytics and reporting to refine and enhance social media strategies. Dstillery’s AI-driven approach integrates advanced analytics, offering a deeper understanding of campaign effectiveness.
Branding through Social Media in New York
Ensuring a brand’s identity is consistently communicated across all social media channels is a key service offered by New York agencies. eDex Solutions, with its comprehensive digital marketing services, includes branding to ensure a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Agency Selection Criteria
When embarking on the journey of selecting the right social media marketing agency in New York for your business, it’s crucial to consider a multitude of factors that align with your business’s goals and needs. The digital landscape is vast, and the right agency can help you navigate it effectively, ensuring your brand’s voice is heard loud and clear. Let’s dive into the essential criteria for choosing a social media marketing agency and how specific examples from New York fit these criteria.
Expertise and Experience are paramount. You want an agency that not only understands the social media landscape but has a proven track record of navigating it successfully. For instance, Gensoft SEO Company USA brings over 15 years of experience to the table, with a suite of services that include SEO, SMM, PPC, Website Design, and Content Writing. Their seasoned team of certified professionals showcases their ability to leverage their expertise for your brand’s benefit.
Industry-Specific Experience can significantly impact the success of your social media campaigns. Agencies like SmartSites, with their innovative marketing strategies and experienced professionals from a wide range of industries, can offer highly targeted and effective campaigns. This ensures that your marketing efforts are not just generic but tailored to the unique nuances of your industry.
A Proven Track Record of success with past clients is a testament to an agency’s ability to deliver results. Golden Web Media, based in New York, specializes in providing ROI-driven solutions. Their creative approach and long history of satisfied clients speak volumes of their capability to boost your social media presence effectively.
Customized Strategy and Services are essential for aligning with your specific business goals stands out by offering unique strategies and comprehensive services tailored to maximize your brand’s reach. Their dedication to crafting personalized solutions demonstrates how a nuanced approach to social media marketing can elevate your brand.
Effective Communication ensures you’re always in the loop with your campaigns’ progress and strategies. Moburst prioritizes client communication, developing innovative campaigns and tailored content strategies that not only meet but exceed their clients’ expectations. Their commitment to maintaining open lines of communication is crucial for a collaborative and transparent partnership.
Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility are also critical considerations. While the agency should fit within your budget, it’s also essential they can adapt to changing market dynamics and your business’s evolving needs. Agencies that offer a balance of competitive pricing and flexible service offerings ensure that you get value for your investment while keeping your marketing strategies agile and responsive.

Additional Content Requirements
Credibility Measures:
Assessment Methodology
Our approach to assessing and reviewing Social Media Marketing Agencies in New York is rigid and multifaceted, ensuring that each agency featured in our listicles has been thoroughly vetted. We employ a robust methodology that combines both quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate each agency’s performance and reliability in the realm of social media marketing.
This includes a deep dive into client reviews, which offer insights into customer satisfaction and service quality. For instance, HireInfluence, a stellar digital marketing agency from New York, is renowned for its advanced targeting capabilities, detailed analytics and reports, and top-notch customer service, as highlighted by their client feedback. Similarly, PBJ Marketing, known for their bespoke digital marketing solutions and effective strategy in creating meaningful brand interactions, has received accolades for their comprehensive services ranging from website audits to integrated campaigns.
We also analyze case studies to understand the tangible results agencies have delivered for their clients. Industry awards and professional certifications are factored into our assessment, serving as indicators of an agency’s commitment to excellence and recognition within the digital marketing community.
Our comprehensive nature of assessment guarantees that our reviews are not only thorough but also a reliable resource for businesses seeking the best Social Media Marketing Agencies in New York.
Trust Factors
Readers can trust our listicle’s recommendations due to the integrity of our selection process. With over six years of experience in the digital marketing domain, analyzing over 14,000 agencies, including top performers like HireInfluence and PBJ Marketing, and authoring more than 3,000 articles, our expertise is unparalleled.
The neutrality of our selection process is paramount; we utilize objective criteria to evaluate each agency, ensuring that our recommendations are based solely on merit. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing underpin the credibility of our evaluations.
For Transparency in Selection
We believe in complete transparency regarding our selection process. We disclose any partnerships or affiliations with the agencies listed, including any collaborations with agencies like LordSocial and Market Ninjas, and we are clear about how these relationships do not compromise the integrity of our reviews.

Why Trust These Verticals:
Expert Review and Validation
Our listicles are compiled by our seasoned team and further undergo a stringent review and validation process by industry experts. Among other experts on our website, Werner Geyser, Djanan Kasumovic, Dave Eagle and Nadica Naceva stands out for their critical role in scrutinizing companies’ credentials, including evaluating advanced targeting capabilities, bespoke solutions, validating claims, and ensuring that only the most reputable agencies are featured. This layer of expert oversight imbues our recommendations with an added level of credibility.
Continuous Monitoring and Updating
Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, is ever-changing, marked by the perpetual evolution of agency achievements and industry benchmarks. We pledge to ongoing vigilance and systematic revisions of our compilations, incorporating these shifts. This commitment guarantees that our audience is furnished with the most up-to-date and precise insights, empowering them to make knowledgeable choices grounded in the freshest information.

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Djanan Kasumovic, a dynamic force in digital marketing, leads as the Head of Growth at Influencer Marketing Hub. His distinguished career includes roles at high-profile companies like SnappCar, a leader in European car sharing, Travelbird, Kids Luxury Group and B&S. Djanan has been at the forefront of innovative digital marketing processes, mastering areas such as AI content production, AI marketing, and AI influencer marketing, establishing himself as a pioneer in these fields.

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