Admitad & JioCoupons’s strategic partnership to boost e-commerce growth

Admitad India, an affiliate marketing network, has recently announced an exclusive partnership with JioCoupons to emphasize business growth and expansion of existing Jio products. JioCoupons is a prime and reliable platform in the affiliate e-commerce business across domains in India. This platform assists brands in customizing and distributing their coupons across platforms, tracking their coupon campaigns and optimizing the same.
JioCoupons has achieved significant advantages through its partnership with Admitad. These benefits include exclusive access to campaigns, ensuring a competitive payout structure, streamlined performance monitoring through Admitad’s proprietary tracking platform, and faster payment processes. Additionally, JioCoupons benefits from the consolidation of various integrated brands on Admitad’s platform, which enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness. The collaboration has led to a significant improvement in Click to Conversion (CTC) rates and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). By optimizing ad placements, refining targeting strategies, and delivering compelling offers, JioCoupons has created a win-win situation for both customers and brands.
Through this, JioCoupons can offer more exclusive deals and offers from a wider range of brands, while Admitad can leverage JioCoupons’s unique audience set to drive more sales for its brands.
“Working in collaboration with Admitad as our affiliate partner has been a remarkable journey of synergy and mutual growth. Their proactive approach, clear communication, and shared vision have fostered a culture of mutual trust and respect. We cherish this partnership, and I am confident that our partnership will continue to flourish in the years ahead.”- Vijay Tiwari , Business Head, JioCoupons.
“Our partnership with JioCoupons provides significant advantages for our advertisers. By teaming up with JioCoupons, we grant our advertisers access to a highly engaged and verified audience, enabling them to target a valuable market segment with exclusive deals that boost sales. This collaboration underscores Admitad’s dedication to surpassing conventional affiliate networks and fostering close relationships with brands as true partners.” – Neha Kulwal, Managing Director, APAC & India, Mitgo.
The partnership between Admitad and JioCoupons is a great example of how strategic collaborations can benefit all parties involved. It has created a strategic alliance that aims to provide greater value and savings opportunities to consumers across various categories.

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