iGaming Affiliate Marketing: Where to Get Traffic and How to Earn

In 2024 the iGaming industry has experienced rapid growth, with market volume surpassing the $100.89 billion mark, reflecting the dynamic development of the online gaming field.
In the first half of 2024, the iGaming market volume surpassed the value of $100.89 billion, which signifies the rapid development of the online gaming industry. It’s no secret that this is one of the most attractive segments for earning money today. Some work on casino sites, while others earn through affiliate programs (AP).
In simpler words, you advertise an institution and invite new members there, for which you receive a reward. You can be a representative of a company or a private person for cooperation with gambling clubs. (In this report, we consider only the virtual sphere, without touching on ground-based establishments.)
The most important question is the following: where can I get traffic and how can I make money using AP? First, you need to define traffic. Traffic is the users who came to the online casino, thanks to the information you provided: video, image, mention in the podcast, etc. Let’s discuss this in more detail.
To increase revenue from traffic, you can join one of the partner networks. Revenuelab is recommended. Special tools on the site will make it easier to manage your finances, place ads, collect and view statistics. You can join the network as an affiliate or advertiser. We will tell you more about this company below.
Effective Traffic Sources
Let’s look at several effective traffic sources for today. The goal of affiliates is to attract as many new visitors as possible, so you should choose the most effective and profitable ways to advertise a particular gambling establishment. It is recommended to try all the ways to get the best result in a short time.
Popunders. These are the windows that pop up when you visit a website. This may be annoying, but practice shows that this type of advertising is very effective. The main thing to remember is that popunders are demanding in design and layout. If the window is not stylish and attractive, it will be immediately closed.
Try to place the offer in such a way that your offer does not look like spam. For example, you can give a brief description of the starting bonus, tell about free spins, invite to participate in the promotion or offer a gift in honor of the holiday. It is desirable that the window is not intrusive and does not interfere with the user’s work. There is no need to exaggerate the values: the data must be up-to-date.
Push Ads. These are ads that appear on the user’s screen and look like messages on social media or from a messenger. A person gets the impression that this is something important and in most cases he reads it. Of course, advanced users disable push ads (PA) and put a ban on them, but, as practice shows, most users still receive such advertising. It is often used for sportsbooks.
Some people are skeptical about PA, but statistics show the opposite: the volume of traffic received with PA is more than $1.45 billion per week. You should not make people nervous with such messages. It is best to send them rarely and with a specific offer, in which case the probability of following your link will be higher.
Native Ads. Such advertising does not cause rejection, because it appears unobtrusively and coincides with the theme of the place where it is located. The advantage of such advertising is that the user trusts the information offered, does not see deception in it. The disadvantage is that such ads do not appear in places that are not related to the gambling industry. However, it must be remembered that there are many activities related to gambling.
For instance, a football fan visits the Premier League website to find out the schedule of the upcoming matches. Immediately, he sees an ad where it says that you can place a bet on the upcoming match at one of the bookmakers (this is your offer). Such banners or ads are usually modestly designed and do not interfere with the user.
Social Media. Ads are usually placed on websites and advertising platforms, but it is also a good idea to duplicate advertising materials on social media, since potential players spend a lot of time on these sites. It is not necessary to create unique content for FB, Instagram, Twitter, you can simply insert a link to your own or someone else’s site, this is quite enough.
With the help of social media (SM), you can increase your traffic quite legally, and this is a working method. The main thing is to have a promoted account with a lot of subscribers. The size of the audience matters, so you need to work on increasing the popularity of your pages on the Internet and blogs. Be sure to read the rules of conduct in SM so that you are not blocked for advertising bookmakers.
Revenuelab Platform
This is a specialized platform for iGaming, which is an affiliate network. You will only need one account to increase your earnings. You can track performance, analyze and make decisions based on reliable data. Revenuelab specialists will help you find an offer that is suitable for your traffic source. You can do it yourself on the site using filters. If problems arise, you will be assigned a personal manager who will solve the problems personally. Automatic financial reconciliations are another advantage of Revenuelab.


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