Dashdot Takes Over Property Investment Giants With Their Innovative Business Model

In 2020, the economic contribution of the Australian tech sector was reported at 167 billion AUD, with the most considerable portion coming from businesses in other sectors adopting technology. It is also forecasted that the size of the tech sector can increase up to 250 billion AUD by 2030.
Tech companies that have significantly grown over the last years have contributed immensely to this trend.
Recognizing these companies, Deloitte has released its 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards, an annual program that acknowledges, profiles, and celebrates Australia’s fastest-growing tech companies. It ranks the nation’s top 50 public and private tech companies based on percentage revenue growth over three years from 2020 to 2022.
With over 46,000 real estate businesses in Australia, Dashdot takes over the game as the only real estate business recognized at the prestigious awards program at rank 14.
The award recognized Dashdot’s more than 800% growth over the last three years as a completely bootstrapped startup in operation for less than four years.
Dashdot is a property investment startup that helps people build scalable, profitable property portfolios by finding the right property, in the right place, at the right time.
Using their array of prop-tech tools and excellent market research, they pioneer prosperity through proper real estate investments that meet budgets, timelines, and goals.
Technologies and Customer Service That Stands Out
Dashdot attributes its growing success to its proprietary technology and personalized front-end service. Its property investment services can help Australians find a profitable property that’s right for them.
Using its macro and microlenses, the company assesses opportunities from every angle to properly analyze its clients’ goals and financial capabilities. Dashdot believes that finding the right fit is the way to maximize investments and achieve financial freedom.
Its team of expert property advisors has the experience, knowledge, and resources to help clients get the best deals, while their proprietary technology gives Dashdot the ability to spot future trends in the market.
Its in-house team of data scientists can crack the code on property investing in real-time with accuracy, and its world-first data science allows its clients to identify the top 1% of properties in the top 1% of locations, ensuring they secure the most optimal investment at the right time.
With Dashdot’s help, clients can skip long, complicated processes and focus on making informed decisions. The company consolidates every part of the property investment buying experience for its clients.
The Dashdot process streamlines everything, saving clients the hassle of coordinating all the moving pieces to secure investment properties and assess their performance.
“We handle every step of the process, so all you need to do is sign. We aggregate over 68 steps into just one contact point,” explains Dashdot’s General Manager, Tim Keating.
Dashdot, Transforms The Way The World Invests
“Our mission of transforming how the world invests is our powerful driving force that underpins everything we do and produce,” says Dashdot Co-founder Goose Mcgrath.
From this mission comes the goal of providing innovations and technologies that make property investment understandable and easy to navigate.
“A lot of our innovation has been developed from the goal of making property investing approachable and simple to understand,” Dashdot Co-founder Gabi Billing adds.
Despite what the industry predicts or how the market performs, Dashdot empowers people with successful, profitable, and attainable property investments.
“Affordability and apprehension towards property investing, specifically from millennials and younger generations, are rooted in fear and lack of education. We are here to show young Aussies what’s possible when it comes to building a profitable portfolio, regardless of what’s happening in the market,” Goose elaborates.
As pioneers of prosperity, Dashdot believes everyone has a right to a life of freedom, choice, and abundance. By investing in the right property in the right way, people can be financially free through passive income. Dashdot helps Australians make sound financial decisions that will help them secure their financial future.
“We are a challenger brand. The majority of messaging and mind frame around property investing today is that it’s too hard or completely unachievable. We don’t believe that to be true, plus the proof is in the pudding. We have a plethora of amazing results and client success stories,” says Jess Norton, Head of Marketing.
Dashdot is hands-on, so that their clients can be hands off. They assure their clients that with its innovative technologies partnered with top-tier front send service, Dashdot can get them ahead of the curve and achieve freedom in no time. This proves them to be one of the fastest-growing property investment companies in Australia.
The Dashdot process starts with a discovery call. From here, specialty consultants can assess your current buying power, and devise a strategy on how you can achieve your individual goals.
“Each conversation our team has with people is treated with the utmost compassion, enthusiasm and strategic counsel,” says property consultant leaders Nicky Glover and Natalie Armstrong.
“Everyone has different reasons for wanting to invest in property. However, we see a common thread that relates back to growing a passive income so that people have more time to spend with friends and family. People don’t want to be bound to a 9-5 grind, they want to live more freely,” they continue.
Dashdot is transforming the property industry inside and out with its innovative way of thinking and doing things differently.
Vanessa Newton, Head of People & Culture at Dashdot says, “Our people are our power. We are focused on attracting the best talent in-house, and our standards are unapologetically high. We only want the best people to help our clients and provide the specialty service that only we provide. We hire with the mindset that perspectives and diversity matter. We know it’s integral to have a range of people from different backgrounds, and upbringings and with varying views on the world.” 
“Our team is empowered to live their best lives with extreme freedom and are able to ‘work-from-wherever’ because this is where true commitment and creativity comes from,” she reiterates.


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