5 best GTA Online businesses to invest as beginners, ranked

Beginners have plenty of good options for starting up a business in GTA Online. Typically, the best properties are those that give players a good amount of money for not much effort. The highest-paying options aren’t necessarily the best ones to choose. For example, the Hangar might be too difficult for a newbie to get into at the start of the game.

Unsurprisingly, many of the Career Builder businesses are perfect for beginners. There are other options worth highlighting in this article, some of which are better than the potential free ones PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players can get. Note that everything listed here was available by the San Andreas Mercenaries update.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

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Ranking the top 5 businesses that beginners should get in GTA Online
5) Clubhouses
Clubhouses are a good beginner option (Image via Rockstar Games)
Many gamers may be playing GTA Online for the first time as they wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 to come out.
The first Career Builder option to cover here is Clubhouses. Getting this property would give GTA Online players the following rewards:
Ability to buy MC Businesses: Players can purchase other properties to do Sell Missions.Bike Service: You can customize and sell client bikes.Clubhouse Contracts: These are missions that pay okay for the effort put into them.Bar Passive Income: Do Bar Resupply missions to get some limited-time passive income.

Even if you don’t start with Clubhouses, you can still buy them early on in your playthrough due to the property’s low cost relative to other businesses.

4) Bunkers
A player entering a Bunker (Image via Rockstar Games)
One great Career Builder option to consider is the Bunker. This business is one of the highest-paying properties in GTA Online, and most of the Sell Missions are pretty straightforward. Not only that, but players can also do Ammu-Nation Contracts to get some easy $50,000 whenever they feel like it.

Grinding Bunker Sell Missions is a viable strategy to accumulate cash over time. If a player ever gets wealthy, they could proceed to pay for fast-tracking any research their team does, although that would be out of reach for most beginners.

3) Agency
An Agency some GTA Online players could buy (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Agency is an underrated yet solid property for a GTA Online beginner to get. This business has several ways to make money, such as:
Passive Income: You can get $100 to $20,000 every 48 real-life minutes, depending on how many Security Contracts you have done.Security Contracts: Missions that contribute to your Passive Income and unlock various rewards.Payphone Hits: Lucrative jobs where you have to assassinate a target a certain way.VIP Contracts: The main storyline mission can give players $1 million upon completion.

GTA Online players can repeat the VIP Contracts as often as they’d like. Such a trait is valuable on any weekly update that may provide 2x cash since it would boost the total to $2 million upon completion.

2) Nightclub
Nightclubs are excellent for lazy players (Image via Rockstar Games)
It may seem counterintuitive to get a business that works best when the player owns several other properties. However, the Nightclub’s passive income in GTA Online is too good to ignore. Earning up to $50,000 every 48 real-life minutes is amazing, especially since keeping Nightclub Popularity up is easy.

You can either do some Management Missions or hire a new DJ to keep the passive income high. There is an AFK trick where you idle on the outside garage menu for ad infinitum to allow the Passive Income to accumulate over time.
PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players can start with the Nightclub via Career Builder.

1) Acid Lab
Acid Labs are easy to run (Image via Rockstar Games)
Arguably the best beginner business in GTA Online is the Acid Lab. Players can complete all First Dose missions for free near the start of the game to unlock the Brickade 6×6, a vehicle that hosts the Acid Lab.

Installing the necessary equipment only costs $750,000, which isn’t too much since you get plenty of cash via completing the First Dose missions (including Awards). From there, just steal supplies and boost the production rate whenever you can. Completing 10 Fooligan Jobs is also recommended so you can unlock the Equipment Upgrade. Beginners will likely want to skip the Write-Off mission since it can be very difficult without certain vehicles.

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