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A strong online presence is paramount for small businesses seeking to thrive and stay competitive. While navigating the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO) might seem daunting, implementing some simple yet highly effective tactics can significantly improve a small business’s website visibility and search ranking.

Here, Rolling Stone Culture Council members explore a handful of easy actions small businesses can take to enhance their website’s SEO and attract more organic traffic. By understanding the importance of these strategies and how they positively impact search engine algorithms, small-business owners can strategically position themselves for success in the virtual realm.

Update Page Titles

The single biggest change a website owner can make to improve search ranking and clicks to their website is to update the page titles. They should include three things: the page’s targeted keyword, the benefit to the reader and a call to action. This will improve the rate at which searchers will click on your website in search results. – Matt Campbell, My Wedding Songs

Focus on Speed

The pages should load easily and quickly. This should help with both the rankings and whether people will actually stick around to look at what you’ve produced. Nobody, including search engines, likes a slow website. – Brian Framson, Citrus America Inc.

Encourage Click-and-Share Engagement

What has seemed to work is offering free advice in the form of video or blog content on a consistent basis. Once you can establish authority in these topics, people tend to share the links and can relate to the useful information. Natural click-and-share engagement can often drive links or websites to the top of search results for next to no cost. – Chris Bianchi, CB Entertainment

Use Trending Keywords

Brands can amplify SEO with culturally relevant keywords that connect to trending topics and hashtags. Identify trending hashtags on social platforms with tools like TikTok’s Creative Center and weave them into website copy. If website text is stuffed with trending hashtags, it will rank higher on Google and will serve as a dog whistle to trend-seeking early adopters. – Sarah DaVanzo, Pierre Fabre

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Backlink Your Content

You don’t need a lot of money to accomplish most SEO goals. The most imperative aspect of SEO is the creation of consistent content and backlinking that content to other industry people and organizations. If you are generating captivating, original content on a weekly basis and backlinking your content to key peers (tagging them in hyperlinks and on social media), results will follow. – Evan Rubinson, Dean Guitars

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Make the Switch to ‘.inc’

The first step is to switch your site from “.com” to “.inc,” which helps your brand stand out. SEO is further improved with a “.inc” by allowing for better quality backlinks that boost search engine rankings. Once you have updated your domain, ensure your content is regular and relevant. And remember the metadata by giving short but engaging information with keywords. – Cynthia Johnson, Bell + Ivy

Create a Blog

An easy action that packs some punch is to create a blog for your site. It’s a great way to communicate with current and prospective clients and it also provides an efficient way to update and inform your audience on relevant topics. Blogs with well-thought-out keywords draw more traffic and create opportunities to add links organically. Additionally, it makes sure you, as a business, are staying engaged with your target market. – Andy Hale, Hale & Monico


Establish Authority

Apart from merely focusing on keywords and keeping up with the latest trends, it is imperative to establish your content as an authoritative voice in your respective industry. By doing so, your content will consistently rank higher in search results and gain recognition from reputable sites that link back to your platform. – Michael Klein, cannabisMD

Consider the Power of Your Own Name

You should always perform best for your own branded keywords. If your competitor is showing up higher than you for your own name, be sure to use your own name across your entire site and ask your partners and advertisers to link to your website using your proper brand name. – Adam Ayers, Number 5


Target Low-Competition Keywords

One simple yet effective action a small business can take to enhance its website’s SEO is to create blog posts centered around low-competition keywords. By targeting these unique keywords that are relevant yet not oversaturated in their niche, businesses can increase search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic. – Tim Haldorsson, Lunar Strategy

Take Advantage of a Google Business Profile

Create and optimize your Google Business Profile. Here’s why this is effective: A well-optimized Google Business Profile increases the chances of you appearing in a Google knowledge panel, which is a prominently featured information box that appears in the search results for branded searches. Together, your Google Business Profile and knowledge panel enhance the brand’s visibility, credibility and overall SEO performance. – Harrison Wise, Wise Collective Inc.


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