Being a Social Ambassador for Your Affiliate Program – All the Hacks to Acquire New Partners

This week, Lee-Ann is welcoming back Maverrik CEO, Dean Seddon. Sharing his insights into building your brand and being a social ambassador, from a career in business consultancy, Dean explains how it may sound simple but it takes work. Listen in for all the details…

The 20 Seconds Rule
Dean has one piece of advice that he swears by, in order to raise metrics. 
“20 seconds, right?” Dean says. “Remember this, if you can hold onto your audience for 20 seconds or more, all of the other metrics work. So, if you can do a video and keep people for more than 20 seconds, it’s going to be the best video you’ve ever done.”
“Same with posts. 20 seconds, right? So, how do you keep people for 20 seconds? Don’t deliver any value until 20 seconds into the video, or 20 seconds into the post. If you do that, I promise you, everything rises.”
It’s a good point to make, since far less than 20 seconds into a TikTok can be make-or-break for that piece of content. People make snap decisions on whether they’re going to waste their time on this short-form video content, even if that time only amounts to 20 seconds. Consequently, marketers better make sure they offer value upfront. 
Leaving behind DM elevator pitches
The key to being a social ambassador might be pitching, but that in itself is changing. Lee-Ann brought up a situation most of us have encountered, even if you’re not in affiliate marketing in any capacity: spam affiliate marketing offers. 
She asked, “Isn’t that a little bit spammy though? Because I’ve always been taught on social, don’t just reach out to somebody [in direct messaging] because they’re immediately going to go hit delete because it’s spam. So, how do you get around that?”
Dean has a suggestion: “I’ve just done this recently with a client where they’ve shared a video about the changes in automation in manufacturing sites, right? Not the most exciting thing. They put a video together and sent it and said, ‘Thought this might be interesting’. It’s packed with value, so it’s not like a sales pitch.”
We’re all using LinkedIn wrong
LinkedIn is the networking network, but if we’re being honest, very few people really know what that means. Most of what gets posted would have once been called “Instagram inspiration” and was a meme even at the time. Is there a better way to use LinkedIn’s company and personal pages?
Well, Dean says, somewhat bluntly: “Company pages are a joke.”
“Profile’s totally different because LinkedIn needs attention. If you want to actually recruit affiliates, and that’s your primary objective on LinkedIn, your personal brand is the biggest asset. Also, if you’re an affiliate manager and you are looking for your next career, move to another brand or another platform or what have you, the recruiters will vet you, look at your profile and go, ‘this person really bought into what they were doing, really invested in’. It’s a massive tick.”
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Listen to find out more about:

        The future of influencer management
        LinkedIn: the “grown up” dark horse of social networks

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[10:00] – Video marketing on social media
[20:00] – Avoiding the “spammy” DMs
[30:00] – Using LinkedIn to really benefit your affiliate career
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