Agile Education Marketing Unveils the “State of K-12 Education in America” Whitepaper

Leading education marketing company analyzes key trends, challenges, and insights surrounding the modern K-12 education system. DENVER, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Agile Education Marketing, a leading provider of data and marketing services in the education sector, is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated whitepaper: “State of K-12 Education in America.” This report provides an in-depth look at the most salient challenges, concerns, and opportunities facing educators, administrators, and students across the K-12 educational landscape.The whitepaper comes at the heels of a meticulous, focused survey of 550 education professionals, comprising 354 K-12 educators and 196 administrators and support staff. Respondents were asked to consider critical institutional themes, including budgets and spending, educational materials, safety, and student performance. By categorizing responses based on roles, grades served, and school types (i.e., private or public), the whitepaper sheds light on the key factors impacting education today. This includes the nuanced perspectives between instructors and administrators regarding mental health, security and safety, student behavior and performance, funding, and budgets.The survey’s key findings highlight mental health support as a top priority for both parties, though 17% of teachers feel admin efforts are insufficient. The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought health and safety concerns to the forefront, along with apprehensions about students’ inadequate math skills and pandemic-related learning gaps. Moving forward, institutions are anticipating a rise in violence, cyberbullying and cyberattacks, behavioral issues, electronic device misuse, and more.While highlighting the similarities and disparities between administrators’ and instructors’ viewpoints—and public and private institutions—Agile Education’s report underscores the need for increased psychological support, enhanced safety measures, and improved budget allocation for necessary resources. The broad scope of insights presented offers valuable data for targeted improvements in K-12 education.”We’re excited to share findings from this comprehensive report that provide a critical look into the challenges and opportunities in our K-12 education system today,” said Ali Newcomb, SVP, Marketing, at Agile Education Marketing. “As the sector continues to evolve, it’s important that key stakeholders are equipped to make data-driven decisions and drive positive results.”For the full extent of findings and insights, the “State of K-12 Education in America” whitepaper is available for download on the Agile Education Marketing website here.About Agile Education MarketingAgile Education is a leading provider of data marketing solutions for education service providers. With a vast repository of real-time education data and a range of data services, Agile empowers businesses to make informed decisions that enhance marketing strategies in a quickly evolving education landscape.Media Contact:Dillon PottsStrategic Marketing Manager[email protected] Agile Education Marketing

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