2 Stocks I’m Buying This Quarter. For anyone who follows me, or has read… | by Edward Frost | Mar, 2024

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on UnsplashFor anyone who follows me, or has read any of my previous stories, you’ll know that I like two things; Property, and regular income.Therefore, the first company that I bought this year, and will continue to add while prices stay at these levels, is Realty Income Corp (NASDAQ:O)This monthly income machine is one of the world’s largest and most loved REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust), which means that the company pays a dividend every single month, and has to by law!Realty has had yet another solid earnings report, beating earnings modestly but noticeably and looks set to continue their record of increasing their dividend at least once a year since they went public in 1994.The stock has been beaten up over the last 12 months or so with interest rates going up so quickly, and as a result, the stock is trading about 20% below its 52-week high of $62 per share.With the stock at $52 and change, it’s currently yielding almost 6%, and we haven’t had the usual dividend increase yet, and with the company averaging a 14% annual return with dividends reinvested since 1994 (vastly outpacing the S&P 500, by the way), I believe this stock to be a screaming buy at current levels.I will continue to make Realty my largest position as I believe it to be a very well run company with endless growth prospects, and the monthly dividend is a dream come true for anyone who invests for passive income.The second company that I’ll be buying is Legal & General.Not the most exciting company in the world, but this giant financial services provider is one of the biggest and best in the business, and, like Realty, has been beaten up recently due to the rapid rise in interest rates.As a result, this life insurance behemoth is trading near the bottom of it’s 52-week range, and as a result, is now yielding over 8%! Don’t worry though, the dividend is very sustainable with a payout ratio of only 57% (although slightly above it’s 13 year average of 55%, it’s certainly nothing to worry about).So why LGEN? Well, two reasons really;Number one, I’m rebuilding my dividend portfolio after selling everything to buy a house, so a higher-yield…


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