A former Meta employee claims she was paid $190,000 a year to do nothing — here are 4 other ways to earn passive income

Madelyn Machado claims she joined Meta as a recruiter in the fall of 2021 with a stunning salary of $190,000 per year — but wasn’t able to actually do the job she was hired for.Don’t miss“We weren’t expected to hire anybody for the first six months — even the first year,” she said in a TikTok video discussing her experience at the social media company. “That really blew my mind.”The clip has gone viral and has been watched more than 436,000 times since being posted March 16.Machado’s LinkedIn profile shows she worked at Meta from September 2021 to February 2022. Publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Post and Fox News did not immediately receive a comment from the company.It’s an astonishing story that may serve as motivation to boost your income on the side when your job isn’t keeping you busy.Here are five ways you can earn passive income (aside from, you know, getting famous on TikTok).1. Rent out your spaceIf you’ve got a spare room you never use or a garage that’s totally empty, consider turning one of them into a rental space.You can clean up the extra space and become an Airbnb host for short-term rentals, or let someone pay you to use your garage as storage space.For those who own a second property outside of their primary residence, like a summer vacation home, they can rent it out during the time they’re not using it.It’s up to you when and how often you host, and it’s a great way to make passive income out of something you already own.Read more: Owning real estate for passive income is one of the biggest myths in investing — but here is 1 simple way to really make it workStory continues2. Get cash back from credit cardsOne of the easiest ways to generate passive income is to simply apply for a credit card that gets you cash back for your everyday purchases.Some cards will get you a flat rate on anything you buy, while others may reward you with more cash depending on what you buy (e.g. higher rates on groceries and gas) or when you shop at certain retailers.Ultimately, you need to pick the card that best suits your spending habits. And remember, don’t be cajoled into racking up credit card debt with the promise of rewards.3. Invest in dividend stocksDividends, which are payments made by publicly traded companies to their shareholders, can sometimes offer you a bit of stability even while the market is rocky.Although this option is not without risk, dividend-paying companies typically don’t want to stop paying dividends — but it can depend on the company. It might help to pick a solid performer by looking at a company’s payment track record.Shareholders regularly receive a dollar amount or percentage for each share they own. So for example, if the company pays a $1.50 cash dividend per share, and you own 40 shares, you’ll receive $60 over the year.4. Get interest back in a savings account or CDIf you’ve been burned by the stock market before and are looking for a safe, low-risk place to stash your cash, consider a certificate of deposit (CD) or a high-yield savings account.A high-yield savings account could come with an interest rate as high as 4%, while your average traditional savings account has an interest rate of 0.30%.Just keep in mind that a high-yield savings account may come with caveats, like a minimum deposit or balance that must be maintained or extra fees you need to pay.Meanwhile, locking your money in a CD can get you an annual percentage yield of over 4%. That said, the return may not keep up with inflation, and if you withdraw money earlier than the set term you agreed to you’ll have to pay a penalty.What to read nextThis article provides information only and should not be construed as advice. It is provided without warranty of any kind.


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