Earth Day at FAMU engages students, residents – The Famuan

United Scholarship Program members having fun during FAMU’S Earth Day. Photo courtesy: Samuel Williams
Florida A&M University held its second annual Earth Day event Saturday. It was hosted by the University Scholarship Program in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture at the Will Packer Amphitheater.
In addition to school departments, multiple agencies and organizations came out in support of the event, such as the National Resource Conservation Service.
Multiple tents and spaces were on display to educate the community.
USP provided multiple services, included the set-up and tear-down of the site.
The event included a scavenger hunt.
Earth Day at FAMU highlighted the basic needs in the community, such as clean water and air, and aimed to continue stressing the importance of such amenities.
FAMU alumni Makaya Burke said the event is a fun and educational way to get FAMU students and local residents to recognize clean and natural resources.
“I think the event team did a really good job bringing a positive and informative atmosphere to very important subjects. It was nice to see the students get involved out here as well,” Burke said.
Dedra O’Neal is the director of the University Scholarship Program and one of the head coordinators for FAMU’s Earth Day. O’Neal said the main goal of the event is to educate future generations.
“We would like students to be more informed about clean air, clean water and clean soil, and how they as the next generation can take care of mother earth,” O’Neal said. “All of the colleges and schools at FAMU work together to try and raise awareness for clean, natural and renewable products and necessities.”
Nyssa Georges, a first-year public relations student, served Earth Week this year as the digital media publicity chair, and was in charge of promotions, graphics and marketing strategies.
Georges said she enjoyed the experience.
“Earth Week allowed me to gain experience for PR while simultaneously allowing me to spread positive awareness about nature and its environmental aspects,” Georges said.
Georges said that the event was highly successful, but wanted to put emphasis on the importance of FAMU students in correlation with what took place Saturday afternoon.
“The event could not have been possible without the involvement of students, as the students are the motivation, drive and spirit behind FAMU and its necessities,” she said.

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