Northpoint adds new marine consultant

Northpoint adds new marine consultant

Northpoint Commercial Finance recently announced it has retained established marketing expert Wanda Kenton Smith of Kenton Smith Marketing as its official marine division marketing consultant. 

Kenton Smith brings 40 years of proven marine experience and award-winning performance across multiple industry sectors to assist Northpoint in undertaking a variety of initiatives including marketing strategy, branding, external communications and outreach, media/advertising, events and public relations.

“Our goal is to continually improve and to develop an even stronger customer-focused synergy and we believe Wanda is especially well equipped to assist us in developing marketing strategies to better serve our customers,” said Russell Baqir, Senior VP of Northpoint Commercial Finance. 

Added Senior VP John Durnien, “Wanda brings decades of marine marketing expertise to Northpoint and shares our strong corporate commitment to enhancing the customer experience. This combination, coupled with her strategic mindset, deep industry knowledge and valuable connections, will not only help enhance our dealer and OEM programs, but also allow us to analyze and find new opportunities to contribute more fully to the marine industry overall, which is aligned with our long-term mission.”  

“I’ve been a fan of Northpoint since its founding and have observed and admired the organization’s tremendous success and growth within the recreational marine industry,” added Kenton Smith. “I’m thrilled by the opportunity to work with this exceptional, customer-centric organization and look forward to collaborating on many exciting new customer-service and marketing initiatives.”

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