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Many crypto projects have been emerging in the market with the hopes of catching up to Dogecoin (DOGE), the father of all meme coins. DOGE has always been popular, thanks to the Elon Musk effect. However, crypto whales moved millions of DOGE, disrupting the whole market.
This resulted in crypto investors looking for alternative meme coins of 2023. Chimpanzee (CHMPZ) is one of the meme coins that sparked interest in the crypto community, attracting investors due to its cheap price. However, CHMPZ investors are now flocking to this new crypto coin, Elonator (ETOR). Know why Elonator shines the most among the rest!
Ancient Dogecoin Whales Wake Up; Is It Elon Musk’s Doing?
Just recently, crypto analysts have seen a pattern: four ancient DOGE whales that have been lying dormant for more than 9 years have awakened and moved a total of 6,818,192 DOGE equivalent to $557,157 since the start of the year. Crypto communities are asking the same question—why now? All four transactions happened when the market indicated negative price performances (red days), affecting FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in Dogecoin news and prices.
Dogecoin news and whales could be affected by Elon Musk’s actions, with speculations that the entrepreneur purposely inflated the asset’s price after changing Twitter’s logo to X. Elonator has seen the problem about business celebrities like Elon Musk affecting whales to disrupt the crypto price. When large-scale crypto whale activity influences the price of the asset, it is called the Whales Dumping Effect. Elonator believes that the whale cryptos’ mass sell-offs cause retail investors to panic and sell their tokens at a lower price. This makes poor investors poorer and crypto whales richer.

Elonator has found the solution to this problem: an anti-whale mechanism. This crypto project aims to implement an anti-whale mechanism to counter or check crypto whales’ activities. Of course, this system doesn’t necessarily stop whales from selling tokens. However, its maximum limit helps prevent whale dumps or price manipulation.

Chimpanzee Investors Shop & Trade To Earn
Meanwhile, the Chimpanzee presale is also turning investors’ heads. Its presale prices aren’t just cheap, but its ecosystem provides a shop-to-earn and a trade-to-earn through NFTs, which they claim investors to gain passive income. Meanwhile, Elonator has a similar way of gaining substantial passive income, but this time, on a more consistent basis. You don’t have to shop or trade to earn, but you’ll consistently gain passive income through various ways.
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For one, Elonator has developed smart contract functionalities that allow holders to stake ETOR tokens. This allows consistent, substantial passive income. The best part is, you can withdraw staked assets at any given time you want. This is very different from other tokens that require you to complete the entire predetermined staking period. Elonator is also providing investors with a chance to win its ETOR Lottery as well as earn from its exciting NFT competitions.
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Elonator Features Make It The Best Meme Coin Of 2023
Have you wondered why there are a lot of tokens about Elon Musk’s dog but not so many tokens about the business entrepreneur himself? Well, this is the coin for Elon fans: Elonator! ETOR is one of the best meme coins of 2023, especially for passive income and solving Web3 problems. Its presale prices are way too affordable to not buy! You don’t want to miss out on the amazing Elonator features!

Aside from its token staking system and anti-whale mechanism, Elonator boasts the Elonator Swap, which allows for a seamless trading experience. Every time you engage in a swap, you will get access to a better price instead of relying on a single DEX. Note that you’ll have to pay a 0.50% trading charge, which will be divided into the asset’s automatic buyback & burn and its community incentive wallet. If you want to benefit from these features, it’s time to invest in ETOR, the best meme coin of 2023!
Join The ETOR Trend In 2023
Elon Musk could be affecting crypto whales, which results in a disruption in the DOGE crypto market. Therefore, DOGE investors are looking for alternatives, such as Chimpanzee and Elonator presales. CHMPZ allows you to earn more by shopping and trading while with Elonator, you can easily make passive income, and on a consistent basis, too!
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If you want to profit from Elonator, the best meme coin of 2023, you’d better check them out by visiting their official website and social media. Invest now and reap the benefits later! Click on the links below.
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