One Great Studio Opens IPO; Acquires US Based SEO Firm | RJR News

One Great Studio says the acquisition of US based firm High Voltage SEO will set it apart from other digital marketing agencies.
The company, which opened its initial public offer today, is the first local IPO for 2023.
One Great Studio is looking to list on Junior Market of the JSE. 
“In September 22, we acquired the assets and operations of High Voltage SEO. What is SEO? We’ve all used Google before and you’ve all searched on Google and you all get responses, right? When you search on Google, the results that show up, that’s really what you call search results. And what SEO does is that it helps pages, web pages, place higher in search engines. So when you search a particular phrase, the techniques used on those sites will impact where it appears on Google. So we help people rank higher on Google essentially,” Djuvane Brownie, co-founder and CEO of One Great Studio, explained.
High Voltage SEO was acquired at a cost of US$2.25 million, with assistance from Barita Investments.
Meanwhile, Senior Vice-President, Investment Banking at Barita, Terise Kettle, said there has been a good deal of traction since the IPO was announced.
The company is looking to raise just over $338 million by listing 338,627,439 shares on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. 
“The cost per share is very affordable. It’s one Jamaican dollar per share. The minimum amount that persons need to apply for are 10,000 shares and increments of one share after that,” Ms Kettle announced.  
About $220 million of the funds will be used to pay down debt.
The offer is expected to close on September 18.
In addition to Barita Investments, JMMB and Proven Wealth are also listed as brokers through which shares may be acquired.

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