Understanding the Gig Economy’s Significance for Workers and Businesses

In recent times, various jobs and businesses have been facilitated through online platforms. Technology makes it possible for organizations to hire the services of freelancers and part-time workers online. This has resulted in an upsurge in the gig economy. Consequently, the rate of unemployment has drastically reduced as the new generation workforce has discovered new job opportunities. Many of the already employed ones also have multiple jobs, thereby boosting their standard of living. The gig economy has replaced traditional workers with remote workers and has bridged the gap between employee-employer relationships. According to research by Niti Aayog, an estimated 7.7 million (77 lakh) workers in India were involved in the gig economy between the year 2020-21. The report shows that the gig workforce will increase to 23.5 million (2.35 crore) by the year 2029-30. Currently, gig jobs include 31% low-skill work, 47% medium-skill, and 22% high-skill. Various Freelance Job Categories Prevalent in India Perhaps, you’re considering trying freelancing or maybe you just want some information about it. Freelancing offers a wide range of opportunities in various fields. All you need to do is to have to right skill set and find the market that needs your services. Here are some of the most freelance jobs available in the Indian market:  – Content Writing: This is one of the best freelance jobs one can engage in. Different companies on the internet require specific articles for their industries. You can choose to write on health, tech, movies, music, gaming, and many more. To be a successful content writer, you must develop a passion for writing and be able to write with simplicity and clarity.  – Graphic Design: Graphic design enables businesses to gain a good online presence and also helps websites drive traffic. Many businesses and organizations are in high demand for graphic designers. A good knowledge of the skill and an attractive portfolio will earn you a high-paying job. – Software Development: The IT sector has become broad and the need for software developers has risen. Gaining skills in areas like Python, JavaScript, PHP, UI/UX design, etc., is a big plus to your career. – Virtual Assistant: The role of a virtual assistant is not limited to being an online secretary. The client would determine the job specification which may include scheduling meetings or transcribing interviews.  – Affiliation: There are various industries you can choose to focus on in affiliate marketing. Some of the most common are health, fashion, food, electronics, cosmetics, and gaming. The online gambling sector is an industry where affiliate marketers are currently making a lot of money. For instance, affiliate sites like LotteryGuru, Lotterngo, and Onlinecasinoguide provide information about how to buy online lottery in India. They generate revenue through referrals to lottery platforms.  – SEO Specialist: Search engine visibility is important for businesses to thrive online. As a result, many companies are in search of experts that can help to make their pages rank and drive organic traffic to their websites.   Factors Contributing to the Rise of Freelancing Many individuals have resolved to freelance jobs due to the following reasons; – Technology Advancement: Technology is one of the driving forces in the world today. Individuals, cities, and countries without access to internet service have been left behind in this drive. Online recruitment platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr enable freelancers to get new job projects within a few days, thus curbing the unemployment menace in society. – Changing Work Preference: Presently, the conventional 9 to 5 desk job is fizzling away. Most employees are on the lookout for jobs that offer a suitable work-life balance which would enable them to meet family responsibilities. Freelance jobs also enable employees to engage in other side businesses. – Economic Condition: Freelancing has a huge influence on the nation’s economy as many freelancers help to create job opportunities. It also saves the cost of employing full-time workers.   (Note: The article is written by the Brand Desk)


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