How Law Firms Can Use Owned Media in Their Social Media Efforts

How Law Firms Can Use Owned Media in Their Social Media Efforts

As the legal industry evolves so is the way in which law firms communicate with their potential clients and the public. While traditional earned media through public relations has been the tried and true method for garnering visibility which can then be leveraged by law firms on social media, leveraging owned media for social media marketing offers law firms a fresh and authentic approach to engaging their audience. Here’s how your law firm can effectively incorporate owned media into its content marketing strategy.
What is Owned Media?
Owned media refers to the content and assets that a firm creates and controls, like their website, blog posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts and e-books. Essentially, it’s content that a firm has full control over.
The Benefits of Owned Media for Law Firms

Trust Building: By publishing informative content regularly, law firms can position themselves as thought leaders in their respective areas. This instills trust in potential clients.
Cost-Effective: Unlike paid media, where you spend for every impression or click, owned media requires an initial investment of time and effort but offers long-term returns.
SEO Boost: Consistently publishing quality content can significantly improve a firm’s search engine rankings, driving organic traffic to their site.
Tailored Messaging: Law firms have full control over the content, ensuring that the messaging aligns perfectly with their brand and values.

How Law Firms Can Leverage Owned Media

Blog Regularly: Share insights on current legal trends, case studies and general legal advice. This not only drives traffic but also positions the firm and its lawyers as industry experts.
Share Videos: Create video content like interviews with lawyers, behind-the-scenes looks or explainer videos on common legal issues.
Podcasts: Dive deep into legal topics, discuss landmark cases or debunk legal myths.
Infographics: Distill complex legal information into easy-to-understand visuals that can be shared on social platforms.
Webinars and Live Sessions: Host sessions on trending legal topics. This can be a Q&A session, a workshop or a panel discussion.
Engage Regularly: Post regularly and engage with followers. Respond to comments, and encourage shares and likes. Authenticity is key.

Promoting Owned Media

Cross-Promotion: Share blog posts on LinkedIn, tweet about the latest podcast episode or post snippets from a webinar on Instagram.
Engage with Influencers: Engage with legal influencers or popular law bloggers to share or comment on your content.
Email Newsletters: Use email marketing to inform subscribers about the latest content. This can be especially effective for longer-form content like whitepapers or e-books.

Key Takeaways

Owned media is content that law firms create and over which the firm has complete control.
Benefits include trust-building, cost-effectiveness, SEO boost and tailored messaging.
To leverage owned media, law firms should blog regularly, create varied content types and engage with their audience.
Promotion of owned media can be done through cross-promotion, influencer engagement and email marketing.

Incorporating owned media into a law firm’s social media strategy is an effective way to engage with potential clients, establish authority and ultimately drive business growth.
Reach out to me for help creating an owned media strategy for your law firm.

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