Admitad India forges strategic partnership with UNiDays

Admitad India, a partner marketing network, announced its partnership with UNiDAYS, a digital identity verification platform that specializes in student verification services and has over 800 global partners. UNiDAYS enables access to personalized experiences and exclusive student benefits, both online and offline. In doing so, UNiDAYS monetizes its audience delivering a Gross Merchandise Value, growing at 80% MOM. 
Admitad offers UNiDAYS access to a wide range of brands and exclusive offers for its audience to engage with, aiming to increase its earning potential. Currently, multiple brands such as Beardo, Crocs, Daily Objects, HP, Jack & Jones, and Man Company are live on UNiDAYS.
Admitad is going beyond just providing a network of affiliates to its advertisers. It is partnering with affiliates like UNiDAYS that cater to a specific audience. This collaboration highlights the core value proposition of Admitad that it is not just an affiliate network, but a partner network that works closely with its stakeholders.
Admitad believes in building strong and lasting relationships with its partners and affiliates, thereby enabling them to achieve their business goals. 
Through this win-win situation, UNiDAYS can offer more exclusive deals and offers from a wider range of brands, while Admitad can leverage UNiDAYS’ audience set to drive more sales for its brands.
Mihir Bagga, Head of India, UNiDAYS, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Admitad to enhance our offerings and benefits for our student audience. This collaboration allows us to expand our range of brands and exclusive deals, providing students with even more opportunities to save and access personalized experiences. This partnership showcases the power of collaboration and reinforces our position as a leading platform for student verification services and exclusive student benefits.”
Neha Kulwal, MD, APAC and India, Mitgo said, “Our collaboration with UNiDAYS brings immense benefits to our advertisers. By partnering with UNiDAYS, we offer our advertisers access to a highly engaged and verified student audience, allowing them to tap into a valuable market segment with exclusive deals for students driving more sales. This partnership exemplifies Admitad’s commitment to going beyond traditional affiliate networks and working closely with brands as partners.” 
Admitad’s approach to working closely with its partners has helped it achieve success in the Indian market. With more such partnerships in the future, Admitad aims to become the go-to network for brands looking to leverage the power of partner marketing.

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