ClickDealer’s 11-Year Journey to Affiliate Marketing Leadership and Acquisition for $40M Unveiled

Amsterdam, Netherlands–(Newsfile Corp. – August 23, 2023) – ClickDealer is pleased to announce that Digital Media Solutions acquired the assets of ClickDealer in early March. This acquisition materialized despite the precarious state of ClickDealer’s Ukrainian assets and the termination of its operations in Russia. ClickDealer navigated away from significant losses that jeopardized its existence and emerged in an acquisition within a year’s time. The development of ClickDealer and its strategic prowess in confronting adversity was covered in a recent article.ClickDealer was established in 2012 as a modest affiliate network, primarily focusing on the dating vertical, with its operations centered in a single office in Ukraine. This marked the first of several challenges that the company encountered.ClickDealer swiftly diversified to counteract the industry’s turbulence that could have threatened its survival. By hiring professionals with connections and expertise in markets like the US, APAC, LATAM, and Europe, ClickDealer’s strategy proved successful. The company not only expanded its verticals, but also established offices in key international locations.In 2018, ClickDealer reached a crossroads: rely on third-party software or develop its platform. Opting for the latter, with an in-house team, they solved server problems, introduced innovation, and spurred growth. The new platform’s speed and autonomy set ClickDealer apart, showcasing both growth and tech prowess. The dedicated team continued crafting tools enhancing services.The global ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic affected every sector, including affiliate marketing. For ClickDealer, this meant the loss of the travel vertical but a surge in e-commerce. Moreover, the pandemic brought along the common challenges of remote work, restricted travel, and health concerns. However, the most significant blow to ClickDealer’s operations was the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. While ClickDealer operated on a global scale, its origins in Ukraine meant that its offices, including key executives, were operating in a war zone.Story continuesOf particular consequence was ClickDealer’s strategic push into the Russian market over several years, marked by industry sponsorships, partnerships, and campaigns. Recent military mobilization had, however, influenced the company’s terminating its operations in Russia. In response, the company established an office in Warsaw to accommodate employees who left Ukraine, while most of the Ukrainian team chose to work remotely from their home country.As it had done before, ClickDealer adapted to the dire circumstances. Leveraging its diverse assets accumulated over a decade, the company shifted focus to the US and European markets. Investments in e-commerce, smartlink technology, pay-per-call, iGaming, and lead generation verticals proved fruitful, leading to Digital Media Solutions’ acquisition of ClickDealer’s assets for a substantial $40 million.Reflecting on ClickDealer’s 11-year journey and recent acquisition, their ability to excel under pressure is attributed to diversification, adaptability, and exceptional teams. ClickDealer thrived by identifying trends, amassing resources, and executing strategies effectively. Central to their success were teams that forged partnerships, drove platform evolution, and triumphed during conflicts. Investing in people stood out as the key lesson. A united, capable team ensures with resilience. ClickDealer’s path highlights persistence, strategic acumen, and team commitment as drivers of success, emphasizing that challenges can fuel growth with the right [email protected] 17 H, 1016KBAmsterdam, NetherlandsTo view the source version of this press release, please visit

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