KuCoin (KCS), Everlodge (ELDG) and BNB (BNB)

In the fast-paced cryptocurrency sector, finding investment opportunities that provide reliable passive income is like discovering hidden treasure. Google Bard, the AI chatbot, has identified three standout tokens that offer exceptional passive income opportunities. This article will explore why KuCoin (KCS), BNB (BNB), and Everlodge (ELDG) have become Google Bard’s top choices for savvy investors looking to grow their wealth without actively trading.
KuCoin (KCS): Value Rises After New Listing 
As per Google Bard, KuCoin (KCS) continues demonstrating its commitment to expanding its token offerings, opening up exciting possibilities for passive income. Supporting and providing liquidity to innovative projects is KuCoin’s strategy, which was shown in its recent listing of KLUB. 
The listing gives token holders the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and profit from various income streams on the platform. After this announcement, the price of KuCoin increased from $4.59 from October 30th to $5.61 on November 7th.
According to Google Bard, there’s potential for passive income if you stake your money on the exchange. Experts anticipate that KCS will reach a value of $7.26 by December 2023. Making it more enticing for people who want to get the most out of their passive income potential.
BNB (BNB): Staking and DeFi Opportunities
Google Bard states that BNB (BNB) has evolved beyond its original utility as a trading fee discount token.
In recent BNB news, Lookonchain reported a notable whale purchase of 22,319 BNB, valued at $5.6M, followed by their withdrawal from the Binance exchange. What’s interesting is that they took this big stack of BNB coins and just threw it into liquidity pools. By doing this, the whale gave himself the ability to earn trading fees from platforms such as Biswap and PancakeSwap.
According to Google Bard, this strategic move shows how appealing BNB is for “yield farming activities”. Because of this, analysts predict that the BNB price could potentially reach $7.41 by December 2023. These bullish signs make BNB an enticing option for individuals interested in crypto passive income.
Everlodge (ELDG): The Future of Real Estate Investments
Google Bard expresses that Everlodge (ELDG) is making waves in the crypto community, and for all the right reasons. Beyond the buzz and hype, Everlodge is backed by a solid foundation and a clear mission: revolutionizing the real estate market. This innovative project seeks to solve the longstanding issues in the real estate industry, which is valued at over $280T. 
Regular real estate sites are catered towards fat wallets. However, for just 100, Everlodge will allow you to invest in high-end properties. The way it does this is by digitizing and minting villas or hotels into NFTs, which are then fractionalized. As real property value increases, so will the NFT – a great passive income opportunity.

Hey, Lodgers! 🏡 Do you know? 🤔With $ELDG, enjoy the warmth of passive income, monthly surprises, and exclusive club access. Plus, who can resist sweet discounts? Dive into a token that feels like home. 💙 Join the presale: https://t.co/kIufYkD05d#Presale pic.twitter.com/9yzt5hZhul
— Everlodge (@EverlodgeHQ) September 26, 2023

And there’s even more – The Everlodge Rewards Club. The ELDG native token holders will get access to this club, where they can obtain free overnight stays at Everlodge properties. But they also hold the ability to sell these stays for another income source.
By staking ELDG tokens, users can unlock the potential for fixed monthly interest, effectively earning a passive income while holding their assets. One ELDG token is now worth just $0.023 as it is in Stage 6 of its presale. Google Bard states that those who bought it early enjoy a 130% ROI. But, experts forecast a further growth to $0.038 before its presale ends.
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