TOPPAN Digital Brings Smart Packaging Solutions to AIPIA World Congress in Amsterdam

Showcasing smart packages with integrated NFC tags and a cloud-based ID authentication platform that facilitates the provision of diverse customer services 
Tokyo – TOPPAN Digital Inc. (TOPPAN Digital), a TOPPAN Group company and wholly owned subsidiary of TOPPAN Holdings Inc., will participate in the AIPIA World Congress, the global forum covering the entire spectrum of active and intelligent packaging, which will be held on November 14 and 15 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The AIPIA World Congress is annual event organized by the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA), in conjunction with its partners Packaging Europe. As an international forum for comprehensive discussion and information sharing on the latest technologies and industry trends in the smart packaging sector, it features conference-style presentations by speakers and exhibits by leading companies and other representatives of the industry.
At the AIPIA World Congress in 2019 and 2020, then participating as a division of TOPPAN Inc., TOPPAN Digital presented its proposals for smart packaging solutions to the global market by showcasing offerings such as high-security NFC tags and an ID authentication platform. This year, TOPPAN Digital will display samples of packages and containers with integrated NFC tags, and a representative of the company will speak on the Smart Insights Stage, presenting examples of how to make packaging smart and proposals for how smart packaging can enable brands to generate customer touchpoints, visualize the supply chain, and provide optimal customer experiences.
Main solutions on show
At the AIPIA World Congress, TOPPAN Digital will focus on consumer engagement services, prevention of grey market diversion, and authenticity verification enabled by the integration of product packages and NFC tags. Solutions on show include the following.
CorkTag™, which detects fraudulent opening or refilling of wine bottles, and Cachet-Tag™, which makes data unreadable because the NFC tag breaks when it is removed.
Folding cartons with integrated NFC tags and direct-to-consumer (D2C) solutions that lead consumers to brands’ websites when they scan an NFC tag.
Object ID management using an authentication platform
TOPPAN Digital’s booth will run demonstrations of an ID authentication platform. The solution involves assigning unique IDs to individual products to enable the status of each one to be managed and tracked on the platform.When users scan tags, the location and time of the scan can be checked on the platform to facilitate detection of grey market diversion, management of individual items, enhanced marketing strategies, and brand protection.
New products including eco-friendly tags with paper substrates and an NFC tag that detects liquid volume
TOPPAN Digital has addressed demand for more eco-friendly, plastic-free products by developing a tag in which the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate material has been replaced by paper without sacrificing communication performance.TOPPAN Digital has developed an NFC tag for contactless detection of the volume of liquid inside a container. It not only allows users to check how much of a product remains, but also provides brands with data on how much of the product has been used, so that marketing strategies can be tailored accordingly.
About the AIPIA World Congress
Dates: November 14 and 15, 2023Venue: Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)Organizers: AIPIA and Packaging EuropeOfficial website: Digital booth number: 7
Overview of presentation by representative of TOPPAN Digital
Date and time: November 14, 14:15-14:45Location: Smart Insights Stage
“User case: Creative integration of NFC Tag into packaging and making it connected”TOPPAN Digital will showcase how packaging and packaging component manufacturers can integrate NFC into their products, with real examples from the spirits, cosmetics, high-grade tea, and pharmaceuticals sectors, as well as how to onboard it in combination with a cloud-based product ID authentication platform that can be a key enabler for brand-to-consumer engagement and other dynamic digital services provided to customers.

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