Your gateway to generating passive income

AI has been in the spotlight throughout 2023. Thanks to ChatGPT, the world became aware of the power artificial intelligence has when it comes to automating tasks and streamlining processes. However, AI is not restricted to just helping business professionals and entrepreneurs with their work. AI can also be used by individuals to earn a passive income alongside a job or studies. So, here’s how you can make money from AI-powered tools! AI tools that can make you rich Develop AI-generated visual contentWith the rise in digital platforms, businesses focus on pushing out the best visual content for their customers. These include advertisements, customised images, logo design, etc. Overall, there is a huge demand for high-quality marketing materials. AI tools like can help you sell compelling social content for their startups. You can also create pitch decks often used by startups to share their stories and vision with potential investors, business partners or stakeholders with tools like Tome and ChatGPT. Apart from this, there are several platforms to generate customised designs, for example, DALL-E, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, etc. In short, all of this visual content can be sold through freelancing sites like Fiverr to clients or take projects through LinkedIn. Make YouTube videos Gone are the days when making videos was difficult. All thanks to AI-powered tools like Synthesia, InVideo, Steve AI, etc, anyone can generate professional YouTube videos easily. When it comes to the script, ChatGPT can be used for ideation and converting text-to-speech. Plus, Descript, Fliki and Wondershare Filmora AI tools can be leveraged to edit these YouTube videos. So, you can create engaging or ever-green content on YouTube and earn a passive income through affiliate marketing or running sponsored ads. Apart from this, you can translate videos or written content for digital creators through software such as Nova A.I. Create online courses If you have a field of expertise, you can monetise it by selling an online course. Right from ideation to producing course materials, AI can quickly develop such content. Chrome extension AI tool, Scribe is useful for making step-by-step guides and presentations. Hence, you can also offer to create an online course for someone from scratch. When it comes to promoting the course on social media or other channels, ChatGPT and are powerful tools for curating compelling marketing copies. Content writingWhether it is blogs, articles, emails, social media posts or business sales copy, content writing usually involves time since it is all about creativity. With AI in the picture, such tasks can be completed swiftly with tools like ChatGPT,, Narrato, and AI-powered tools are quite useful for creative professionals to overcome writer’s block, enhance the quality of their content and brainstorm new ideas. So, you can make use of your copywriting skills to write website landing pages, e-books, sponsored posts, scripts, etc and charge accordingly.Sell AI-generated audio Converting content from text to speech can easily be done through AI. For generating audio for AI avatars, podcasts or videos,, Synthesia or Listnr are good choices. So, offering services to make customised audio content through Upwork or LinkedIn is a great way to build a strong portfolio and earn money.As you embark on this exciting journey into the realm of AI-powered opportunities, may your ventures be as limitless as the potential of artificial intelligence itself. Here’s to unlocking new horizons, achieving financial freedom, and embracing the boundless possibilities that the AI era has to offer. Your success is not just a destination; it’s a continuous evolution.

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