Final Week Of Opportunity In $CHMPZ For Passive Income With Charitable Practice

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The final seven days of the Chimpzee presale are finally here, presenting the last opportunity to invest in a project that provides passive income and charitable practices.
Chimpzee is redefining how we donate to charity while still providing investors with a long-term sustainable passive income.
With the presale in the final days of operation, an end-of-presale giveaway is attracting a flurry of latecomers as the fundraising continues to snowball.
Chimpzee Blazes Past $2.5 Million As Latecomers Take Advantage of End of Presale Giveaway

The end-of-presale giveaway has caused the Chimpzee presale to blaze past the $2.5 million milestone as latecomers take advantage.
Chimpzee is a Web3 project that provides three methods to earn a passive income while positively contributing to the world by saving endangered animals and rainforests.
The project is a first-of-a-kind conservation ecosystem that provides financial contributions to noteworthy organizations.
Chimpzee has already made impressive donations that have helped plant thousands of trees and save species on the brink of extinction, such as the black jaguar or one of the last herds of desert-adapted elephants.
As the presale enters its final week, the end-of-presale giveaway presents an opportunity to get more bang for your buck.
What is Chimpzee and How Does It Provide a Passive Income?
As mentioned, Chimpzee is redefining how Web3 creates a passive income while raising funds to make positive contributions to charity.

The ecosystem consists of shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn components that provide $CHMPZ rewards for participants.
Users shopping for unique merchandise in the Chimp Shop earn $CHMPZ rewards after purchasing products representing the fight against climate change.
Those holding NFTs earn from the trading fees generated on the NFT Marketplace, which is expected to feature famous NFTs from environmentally conscious artists.
Finally, those reaching specific milestones in the Zero Tolerance play-to-earn game earn $CHMPZ rewards for their achievements.
The NFT Passports tie all these three components together and are essential to earning the most passive income in the ecosystem.

The Chimpzee NFT Passports provide the following perks;

Elevated rewards in the Chimp Shop.
An exclusive discount in the Chimp Shop.
An increased share of the fees on the NFT Marketplace.
A discount on the NFT Marketplace fees.
Discounted advertising on the platform.
Higher rewards in the Zero Tolerance play-to-earn game
A staking reward for those staking the NFT Passport
VIP access to events, airdrops, and special promotions in the ecosystem.

Participants in the preasle can buy and mint these NFT Passports after the preasle, using their $CHMPZ tokens to make the purchase.
Those using $CHMPZ tokens will also trigger the burning mechanism and remove a potential 5 billion tokens out of circulation.
Are the Donations Made Real?

With Chimpzee gaining increased attention, many prospective investors are wondering if the impressive financial donations it has already made are real.
The good news is that all donations are fully verifiable.
Donations are made through The Giving Block, which sends crypto-based donations to verified charities.
Some of the noteworthy donations made already include the following;

$15,000 to WILD Foundation to help rangers protect the last herd of desert-adapted elephants.
$20,000 to WILD Foundation to help protect the final few black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest.
Over 21,000 trees were planted through One Tree Planted in the South American Rainforest.
A donation to Forgotten Animals to neuter 240 cats and 180 dogs in war-torn Ukraine.
A donation to Rainforest Rescue to protect 1,000 meters of the Australian Rainforest.
A donation to WeForest to plant 5,000 trees in Tanzania.

A complete list of the donations can be found on the project’s website.
Final Seven Days to Get Positioned – Invest Now

Chimpzee is now in its final days, presenting the last opportunity to get positioned.
$CHMPZ can be purchased for $0.00155 in the final stage.
However, the end-of-presale bonus of up to 200% provides exciting opportunities to receive more $CHMPZ for the same price. 
Take advantage of the bonus and giveaway to drop your token price to $0.00078 or less! Use their calculator to see how low your cost will be.
Overall, Chimpzee is undoubtedly making waves in the Web3 space as it approaches the end of its presale. Many investors expect 50x returns when the platform launches and hits mainstream audiences in the coming weeks.
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