Week at a glance: Shashi Sinha unabridged; Mobile marketing today; Spotify’s ad push

Video exclusive: Shashi Sinha – unabridged and in his most candid self
In a free-wheeling Zoom interview with Adgully, Shashi Sinha, CEO, IPG Mediabrands India, explores several aspects of his life, his career, his vision. In his customary fast speaking and to-the-point manner, Sinha speaks about some challenges ranging from talent retention in advertising to news ratings controversies; the evolution in media buying and planning function; digital ratings; the people who have influenced him the most; the road ahead for the advertising industry; etc.
How mobile tech has significantly transformed storytelling and advertising strategies
From digital transformation to data-led insights – winds of change are sweeping the mobile marketing ecosystem. Today, mobile marketing is emerging as the most effective marketing technique. As per industry reports, global mobile marketing market size is expected to be valued at $337.8 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 22.9%.
How AI became the secret sauce for festive marketing success this year
As in the case of almost every field, Artificial Intelligence has started making deep inroads into advertising as well. It functions as a highly intelligent computer companion, lending its expertise to brands in crafting their campaigns. Picture it as a magical wizard working behind the scenes, enhancing everything with its brilliance.
How Spotify is strategising to significantly increase its advertiser footprint
Delving deeper into the newly launched Spotify Audience Network, Brad Grealy, Head of Ad Sales, JAPAC, Spotify, explained, “There are three pieces to the podcast: creators, listeners, and advertisers. In India, there hasn’t been a scalable way for marketers to participate in podcast content or advertise their products or services.
Entertainment PR is the seed that impacts so much of our society
Entertainment PR or Bollywood PR has evolved greatly over the years. It is no longer limited to print or electronic media, but has made a rapid shift towards digital media. Digital PR is now the new norm in the Entertainment PR industry, where technology is leveraged to its maximum.
Republic World unveils business channel, R. Business
Republic World, on December 5, 2023, announced the launch of its business channel – R. Business. R. Business is going to be a flagship business channel of the network and will focus on delivering business news across financial, industrial, goods and services, markets, BFSI and many more business categories with variety and inclusivity.
#GullyChat: How PR professionals can effectively harness emerging tech for communication
The year 2023 has been about generative Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies that are beginning to bring about a transformation in the way businesses operate. In such a state of tech flux, it has become important for the Public Relations industry to be up-to-date in how they handle the business for their clients.
Rewind 2023
Rewind 2023: Jaideep Shergill on Pitchfork Partners’ integrated solutions move
Recapping the year 2023, Jaideep Shergill, Co-Founder, Pitchfork Partners, shares that the dynamic changes in advertising and marketing brought about by AI, key developments at Pitchfork Partners in 2023, outlook and plans for 2024, and more.
Rewind’23: Content remains the single biggest differentiator – Rajshekar Baddam, Aha
Recapping the year 2023, Rajshekar Baddam, Head of Marketing, Aha, speaks about the dynamic changes in the media and entertainment industry, especially OTT, during 2023; the deep focus on content; impact of AI on advertising and marketing strategies of brands; outlook and expectations for 2023, and more.
Online Gaming industry signs voluntary code of ethics for safe gaming
In a significant development, the online gaming industry today signed a voluntary ‘Code of Ethics for Online Gaming Industries’ at the Indian Gaming Convention (IGC). It will serve as a ‘Joint Declaration of Intent’ by the signatories to commit to building a safe, trusted, and accountable digital gaming industry with a focus on user protection.
Disney+ Hotstar’s handbook for effective OTT advertising
Disney+ Hotstar has launched a handbook for effective brand building on the platform. Titled Winning in the OTT Era with Disney+ Hotstar, the handbook shares learnings based on the analysis of over 200+ campaigns and offers a 360° view of why marketers must include OTT in their marketing strategy. The playbook has been developed in collaboration with industry experts Kantar, Neurons, Integral Ad Science, Mediasmart and Metrix Lab.
Remembering Helen Achan: Advertising Trailblazer
Helen Achan, the advertising luminary who left an indelible mark on the industry, breathed her last on a Sunday. As the former Head of Media Planning at Lintas, her influence extended from 1965 to 1990, encompassing a transformative era. A beacon for women in the 1950s, Helen, alongside legends like Pearl Padamsee, Ketaki Gupta, and Roda Mehta, defied conventions.
JioCinema shifts focus to cumulative views for live sports transparency
JioCinema, the streaming service by Viacom18, has decided to prioritize cumulative views over peak concurrent viewers when assessing live sports viewership, emphasizing transparency.
CMGalaxy’s Dhaval Gupta on how AI & ML are reshaping marketing
ng, CMGalaxy has emerged as a game-changer. In conversation with Adgully, Dhaval Gupta, Managing Director of CMRSL, provides exclusive insights into how CMGalaxy, an AI-driven SaaS product, addresses the evolving needs of CMOs.
W-Suite: Yana Tolmacheva, Marketing Lead – INSEA & Europe, Hybrid
In an exclusive interaction with Adgully, Yana Tolmacheva, Marketing Lead – INSEA & Europe, Hybrid, speaks at length about the role and scope of women leaders; Effective Leadership skills; why women are best at crisis management, and much more…
Start-up Stars: How BANKIT is powering its financial inclusion movement
In an interaction with Adgully, Amit Nigam, Executive Director and COO, BANKIT, speaks about empowering the rural markets to enhance their economic opportunities, creating a win-win situation for both consumers and local entrepreneurs, investing in cutting-edge technology, and more.
GullyChat: AI, DeepTech – 2023 – The year when technology came of age
2023 has been a year of extraordinary advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Amid groundbreaking technological leaps and profound ethical debates, AI has permeated to newer and unexpected areas – including media, entertainment, advertising, marketing, gaming, content, and more.


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