2024 marketing trends to grow your business

2024 marketing trends to grow your business

Nicole Morgan
Forecasters may expect the economy to slow this year, but that doesn’t mean the growth of your business has to follow the trend. Companies that think creatively and are willing to try new approaches to communicating their message are more likely to see gains in 2024.Work smarter, not harderNot every PR or marketing tactic is a good fit for your audience, and sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Today’s companies have access to a wealth of data through digital marketing so they can monitor the effectiveness of their efforts. Utilize tools like Google Analytics, newsletter open rates, click-throughs, and social media engagement trends to identify where you are moving the needle. If something is taking a lot of effort with little results, it may be time to pivot to something more effective.Target your approach

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While advertising to the masses still has its place, most businesses do not fit into this category. Rather than trying to market to everyone, look critically at who your customers are so you can be more targeted.It may feel like you’re spending more to reach fewer people, but you are actually reaching people with a high intent to engage with your product or service. This means you’ll have to spend less in the long run to move them to act.Invest in short form videosAll of today’s major social media platforms offer a video component, which is a clue into how users consume information. Not only is this an alternative way to communicate your message, it combines a variety of powerful elements, from auditory to visual to emotional.The even better part about short form video is it doesn’t need to be highly produced to be effective. Create a long-range strategy that ensures you are frequently in front of your audience with content that is interesting, unique and authentic.Be a thought leaderWhat is your unique area of expertise? What do you deliver that nobody else can? Now, go where your audience is. Share your knowledge through blogs, videos, industry publications and podcasts.With the rise in public skepticism, media and trusted sources need experts like you to contribute fresh, valuable information.Lead through community partnershipsThe recent news that Bank of America donated $480,000 to local nonprofits is just one example of how the spirit of philanthropy is alive in Tulsa.Take the time to identify the causes that best align with your organization to maximize your giving strategy.If you want to prevent homelessness, talk to Lindsey House or Restore Hope Ministries about their lifechanging programs.If you want to support the arts, talk to Tulsa Ballet about what makes their company one of the most sought-after in the world. Allow employees company time to volunteer through Reading Partners or the Adopt a Precinct program.Aligning with area nonprofits not only fills a vital community role, but it also elevates your visibility in an impactful way.Another bonus is that studies show Gen Z employees are highly motivated by giving and feel more connected to companies that give back.Empower employee ambassadorsSpeaking of employees, did you know they can be your loudest advocates? Create a workplace culture that they are excited to talk about.Report frequently on company updates and messaging so they are empowered to help share your story.Invest in your employees and their growth to send a message of trust, respect and appreciation. It also increases employee retention, which provides consistency in customer service.As we navigate the year ahead, those who adapt and create bold initiatives will be positioned for success.Monitor your data to make sure your PR and marketing strategies are achieving their purpose, and don’t be afraid to make changes if necessary.— Nicole Morgan is CEO of Tulsa-based Resolute PR.

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