Chris Keating Takes the Helm as Marketing Manager for Brakspear’s Pub Portfolio

In a move that marks a significant shift within the British pub sector, Chris Keating steps into the role of marketing manager for Brakspear, a heritage company known for its extensive network of leased and tenanted pubs across the south east. With a robust 17-year career that traverses the length and breadth of the pub industry, Keating brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at renowned establishments such as Witney brewer Refresh, Marston’s, Premier Foods, and Compass Group. His appointment underscores Brakspear’s commitment to invigorating its 110 pubs with strategies aimed at fostering community engagement and ensuring business growth amidst a challenging landscape. Embracing the Challenge At the heart of Keating’s mission is the drive to support Brakspear’s business partners in navigating the intricate dynamics of the pub sector. “I’m thrilled to be returning to an industry that’s not just about business but is a pivotal part of the community,” Keating remarked. This enthusiasm for the role is matched by a clear-eyed view of the hurdles ahead, including the imperative need for tailored marketing initiatives that resonate with the diverse needs of pub operators within the Brakspear family. A Strategy Rooted in Community and Growth Keating’s strategy hinges on a bespoke approach to marketing, recognizing that each pub has its unique character and place within its local community. This methodology not only promises to elevate the Brakspear brand but also to empower individual pub operators to carve out their niche, thereby enhancing their appeal and profitability. Brakspear CEO Tom Davies expressed his confidence in Keating’s vision, citing his “relevant experience, passion for pubs and beers, and a shared commitment to nurturing successful, community-focused pub businesses” as key factors in this pivotal appointment. The Road Ahead The road ahead for Keating and Brakspear is one of cautious optimism. The pub sector, like many others, faces its share of economic pressures and shifting consumer behaviors. However, Keating’s appointment signals a fresh perspective and a deepened commitment to the core values that have long defined Brakspear’s approach: community, quality, and partnership. As the company navigates these challenges, the focus will be on leveraging Keating’s expertise to craft marketing strategies that not only reflect the changing landscape but also secure a prosperous future for Brakspear’s pub partners. In a sector where adaptation and innovation are paramount, Chris Keating’s journey with Brakspear may well set a new benchmark for how pub companies support their networks, ensuring that these cherished community hubs not only survive but thrive. As this story unfolds, it will undoubtedly offer valuable lessons on the power of tailored marketing and the enduring importance of the local pub in British culture.

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