StatsDrone win top affiliate industry award

StatsDrone win top affiliate industry award

StatsDrone have earned one of the top affiliate industry awards for Best Tech for Affiliates at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2024
The event took place the last time in London, United Kingdom as the next year’s event will be held in Barcelona, Spain. Some of the other awards included Affiliate Idol for lifetime achievement award, Best affiliate network, Best affiliate manager, Best streaming affiliate and Best tech for affiliate programmes.
Notable affiliate winners

Best Tech for Affiliates – StatsDrone
Best Tech for Affiliate Programmes – DeepCI from EveryMatrix
Affiliate Employer of the Year – TAG Media
Best Affiliate Network –
Best Crypto Affiliate – Gamblineers
Best Digital Agency – RevPanda
Innovator of the Year – Oddsium
Best Sports Betting Affiliate – Better Collective
Best Streaming Affiliate – KingBet Media

Affiliate tools
There are not a lot of affiliate tools in the market and many affiliates have to build their own in-house tools or use other programs like Jira, Trello, Google Sheets, ClickUp, Quickbooks or even Monday to get their tasks done.
Affiliates stats apps
One of the biggest pain points of affiliates is knowing how much revenue they made the day before and storing their data. Affiliates will often have tools like Google Analytics that help them know their search traffic and get a deeper understanding of their users. Many affiliate marketers will check their Google Analytics (GA) data as much as they would track their affiliate stats. The only difference between the two is that GA is free and standard with most search engine optimization experts.
It is believed that there are less than one per cent of affiliate marketers that will use an affiliate stats tracking tool. The reason for that is the tools are not standard and although affiliates understand the pain points of needing their stats data, they don’t know that tools like StatsDrone exist.
According to StatsDrone co-founder John Wright, he estimates there are over 3,000,000 active affiliates globally based on public data from companies like Amazon Associates, AWIN,, ShareASale, ClickBank and CJ. Out of all the affiliate stats aggregators on the market, one has mentioned a userbase of over 20,000 customers. Overall this might represent a market share of 1% of affiliate marketers using any affiliate stats app.
Out of the affiliate stats apps on the market, many affiliates are problem aware but not solution aware. A few of the affiliate stats data companies that exist are the following:

CPV Lab Pro
Nifty Stats

Co-founder and CEO John Wright had this to say about the recent victory: “We appreciate the recognition from our peers in one of the toughest categories to win for Best Tech For Affiliates. We went up against industry giants that have many more years of experience and it makes winning that much more special.
Over the past two years, the entire team at StatsDrone have worked extra hard to build a product and service that we believed was needed in the marketplace. We have supported over 1200 iGaming affiliate programs with over 600 with API. We build an invoice generator to solve the pain of chasing payments and we made a deal CRM to help affiliates stay on top of their exclusive offers for rev share, CPA and flat fees. Our Business Intelligence tools help affiliates tag campaigns and brands and we have also provided the ability to add data alerts and notifications.”
Affiliate marketing podcasts
There are a few podcasts that affiliates can follow and here is a top list of seven affiliate marketing podcasts you should tune into.

Affiliate BI
Affiliate Nerd Out by Dustin Howes
Affiliate Marketing Podcast by Lee-Ann Johnstone
Affiliated by Clickbank
AWIN Talks
Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
The Side Hustle Show by Nick Loper

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