Top 20 Best Affiliate Programs in India in 2024

Top 20 Best Affiliate Programs in India in 2024

Wondering how to monetize your blog for maximum returns? Partnering up with top companies via affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative options today. So, how to start affiliate marketing, and from where? Explore the best platforms for affiliate marketing and get exclusive access to special deals for your audience; oversee and expand your business and marketing initiatives.Types of Affiliate Programs 
It would be best if you asked yourself some critical questions before signing up for the best affiliate programs in India in 2024:

You must consider the areas or platforms where your target audience is the major spender of their time and money.
The type of affiliate program is essential to ensure you learn the right nuisances of this field.
Thoroughly study the tastes and preferences of your target audience to know what is behind the curtain when they opt for a product or service. 

Let’s take a look at the key types of affiliate programs in India:
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital MarketerWith Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course1. Coupon Platforms
People always appreciate a discount or even season sales for higher-priced products and services. So, partnering up with coupon platforms is a great way to benefit some of the best affiliate programs in India in 2024. This way, you can attract a newer type of audience, see if discounts and coupons help with sales, and lure your audience. 
2. Review Websites and Apps
If your products and services are more on the review sites or your target audience always researches the reviews, then another essential type of affiliate program is review platforms. These can be just websites or apps that integrate content and, in a way, ask the audience to review products and services. You can always ask such review sites to partner up for an affiliate review about your product and service and observe if it brings you benefits. 
3. Social Media Influencers
Social media influencer marketing can also help you market your products or services as an in-demand and competent type for top affiliate programs in India. It’s important to find influencers working in the same domain as your company. This way, they can help you reach the target audience through their followers. Start slow with social media influencer marketing to see if your products or services have traction, and then speed it up as per your needs!
4. Search Affiliates
Based on the idea of paid advertising, search affiliates will ask you to pay them to put you up in the searches of a platform. It’s similar to ads on social media, but with this type of affiliate marketing, you have credible people promoting you. 
5. Email Marketing
Email marketing is a pretty subtle and innovative tool of marketing these days. Now, companies don’t directly sell their products and services via email but utilize their role as promotional avatars. When using emails for promotion, be careful with the frequency and content that should be crisp, eye-catching and moment-based. 
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital MarketerWith Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course20 Best Affiliate Platforms in 2024
1. Amazon Associates
It is the best affiliate marketing platform for beginners as you need not worry about reaching a certain amount of sales volume for earning a higher commission. It has a flat-rate commission structure. 
Signing Amount:  None
Cookie Duration: 24 hours
Minimum Payment Threshold: INR 2500

Rates of Amazon Associates for Different Product Categories
Why Should You Choose Amazon Associates?

There is no application charge or signing amount.
It pays a commission on anything new that someone you refer to purchases (even if they do not purchase the exact product you linked to).
There is a wide range of product types/niches to choose from as it includes everything sold on Amazon’s website.

Average commission rate: 1% to 10%

2. Awin 
Awin was formerly known as Affiliate Window. It boasts of over 13,000 advertisers and is the best platform for affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer will have to apply to advertising merchants within the network to generate links.
Signing Amount: INR 380 approx. (only refunded if you’re approved)
Cookie Duration: Variable (decided by the advertisers)
Minimum Payout: INR 1500 approx.

Awin Dashboard 
Why Should You Choose Awin?

It offers marketing of various physical and digital products for almost every niche.
The advertisers decide the average commission rate and the cookie duration. So, there is a lot of scope for earning generously. 

3. Flipkart Affiliate
It is amongst the largest and the best platform for affiliate marketing in India. The platform provides insights into the performance of referral links with real-time reports. This free affiliate program offers several affiliate tools such as widgets, banners, and APIs for displaying Flipkart products on your site/app. 
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: 24-hour
Minimum Payment Threshold: INR 25,000

Rates of Flipkart Affiliate for Different Product Categories
Why Should You Choose Flipkart Affiliate?

Flipkart Affiliate offers a choice from all of the products available on the Flipkart website. 
The average commission ranges from 6% to 20%.

4. Reseller Club 
Reseller Club is ideal for those who are looking for quick passive income in India as they can easily make a minimum of Rs. 2,000 per referral. It is an easy-to-use and one of the top paying affiliate programs. 
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: It is on a last-click basis and has a validity of 60 days.
Minimum Payment Threshold: INR 50

Dashboard of Reseller Club
Why Should You Choose Reseller Club?

It offers multiple payout options, including PayPal and direct bank transfer. 
A minimum payout balance of INR 50.

5. BigRock Affiliate 
BigRock is India’s best platform for affiliate marketing. Besides being a popular domain registration and web hosting company, it offers email hosting and digital certificates services. The Bluehost affiliate program is a part of the BigRock Affiliate group. 
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: 60 days 
Minimum Payout: INR 3200

Dashboard of BigRock 
Why Should You Choose BigRock?

Commission rates begin at Rs 30. They can be up to 30% of each sale, and you can make up to INR 10,000 per sale.
Offers brilliant banner inventory.

6. ClickBank  
The platform offers multiple digital and physical products to link to your content. It is more inclined towards digital products and has several smaller niche offers that aren’t available on other platforms. 
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: Usually 60 days 
Minimum Payout: Allows you to choose from INR 760 (approx.) onwards 

Featured Products of ClickBank
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital MarketerWith Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore CourseWhy Should You Choose ClickBank?

The rates are high, and they depend on the specific merchant you deal with. 
Offers weekly payments

7. Optimise

Optimise has emerged to be the best platform for affiliate marketing as it associates with some leading brands like Agoda, PayTM, Amazon, and Samsung. It is ideal for those whose website gets traffic from foreign countries.
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: 30-60 days
Minimum Payout: Depends on advertisers

Optimise Dashboard 
Why Should You Choose Optimise?

Offers real-time updates on sales and commissions on the dashboard. 
Provides insights on who and where your customers are. 
Grants competitive commission rates. 
Quick payouts

8. Cuelinks 
It is the best platform for affiliate marketing for WordPress users as it offers a free WordPress plugin to simplify affiliate marketing. It uses javascript for the automatic insertion of affiliate links to the relevant keyword in your content.
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: 7 days
Minimum Payout: INR 500

Cuelinks Dashboard
Why Should You Choose Cuelinks?

Best for aggregated reporting
Provides in-depth audience insights 
Allows access to lifetime link management tools

9. vCommission

vCommission is yet another best platform for affiliate marketing and is trusted by 18,000+ affiliates. It associates with leading e-commerce brands such as Snapdeal, Agoda, Myntra, and  AliExpress. It has over 14,000 publishers who offer the best commission rates. vCommission requires your website to have content published in the English Language only. 
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: Depends on the product
Minimum Payout Threshold: INR 5,000

vCommission Dashboard 
Why Should You Choose vCommission?

There are multiple niches to choose products from. 
Allows monthly withdrawals.
The commission rates depend on the products.

10. Hostgator Affiliate 

Hostgator is a popular web hosting and related service provider. So, you can promote all types of hosting like shared, Cloud, VPS, and WordPress. It allows withdrawals every 2 months + 10 days after the month in which the sales took place. 
Signing Amount: None
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Minimum Payout: INR 3200

Hostgator Affiliate Result Page Layout 
Why Should You Choose Hostgator?

The average commission rate is up to INR 1,250 per sale. It can go up to 3,000 per sale.
Dashboard with real-time updates on clicks and commissions.

Now that you are familiar with the best platform for affiliate marketing choose the one that suits your content. Think about what the visitors on your blog would be interested in and tread on a promising path to multiply your affiliate income exponentially.  
11. AWeber 
If you want to venture into newsletters and email drip campaigns, AWeber is one of the best affiliate programs in India in 2024. It’s quite an oldie in this case because it has been here since 1998 plus offers the most extended cookie life of a year. With an affiliate base of 1 million users, AWeber is a classic choice for you. This platform has two main programs, the In-house program and CJ Affiliates.
Why You Should Choose AWeber: 

Its in-house AWeber Program has a lifetime 30% commission, starting from just $20 to $150.
CJ Affiliates is better for commission caps as you have a chance to earn $300 per account.

12. Sendinblue 
A digital marketing platform for all your affiliate marketing preferences, Sendinblue is a platform you might not come across quickly in this century. It is emerging as one of the best affiliate programs in India in 2024 because of its user-friendliness. It has email marketing, CRM, SMS, Chat, Marketing Automation and many more features. There is also a separation of arenas for agencies and bloggers. It has a cookie life of 90 days and you have €5 commission for new users and €100 for subscription buying users.
Why You Should Choose Sendinblue:

€100 for paying customer referrals
Offers a network of top affiliates like Capterra, Emailtooltester, etc.

13. ConvertKit 
A highly focused email marketing platform, ConvertKit is quite the black sheep on our list of the best affiliate programs in India in 2024. This is because it’s quite innovative as a concept to let its users earn from email marketing products more than anything else. It is also free for everyone to join with a cookie life of a month.
Why You Should Choose ConvertKit:

It gives you a lifetime commission of 30% for referrals or webinar subscribers.
Basic plans for ConvertKit start from just $29 per month to $2,000.

14. GetResponse 
GetResponse is one of the best affiliate programs in India in 2024 for marketing automation tools. It offers email marketing, landing pages, webinar hosting, CRM, and more. It has two types, i.e. Self-Hosted Program with 33% recurring commission and plans to start from $15 to $1200 monthly; CJ Affiliate is another type that offers affiliates to earn $135 for every referral.  
Why You Should Choose Getresponse:

Perfect for creating a wholesomely holistic marketing strategy for your affiliate program
Variety in the two programs gives you a lot of opportunities to try your hands at affiliate marketing

15. Fiverr 
Fiverr Affiliate Program is another top affiliate program in India that you must consider. It has a month-long cookie life, plus it’s free for new sign-ups. The commission cap for Fiverr is slightly complicated as you can earn $15-$50 for CPA and 30% on every Fiverr course order. This is because you can also promote Fiverr’s main marketplace as an exchange for your affiliate and earn some additional commission from that.
Why You Should Choose Fiverr:

You can earn right from the first buyer with lifetime attribution and unlimited referrals. 
You will have an affiliate manager to help you at every step and free resources to make the most of this.

16. Pabbly 
Pabbly is an excellent affiliate platform that integrates all forms of marketing. From business to email marketing, app integration, workflow management, etc., Pabbly has an efficient, sleek dashboard for all your progress trackers. The cookie life of Pabbly is a month with 30% recurring commissions. So, if you are looking for a place to apply all forms of new-age marketing to your products and services, this is one of the best affiliate marketing programs!
Why You Should Choose Pabbly:

You can earn commissions by promoting within 40 days of the product launch sale. 
It offers $183 as a single commission per sale!

17. Unbounce 
Unbounce is an affiliate program for creating personalized landing pages for your target audience. These landing pages are highly strategized to ensure better leads and revenues. It has a cookie life of 3 months and offers 20% recurring revenue as an incentive for referring new users. 
Why You Should Choose Unbounce:

Your users will have 20% discounts for the first three months when they join. 
You will have a dashboard, a personal coach and a whole new level of resources to refer to while learning affiliate marketing with Unbounce!

18. Constant Contact 
If you are searching for the top affiliate programs in India for email marketing, then you need to check out Constant Contact. It’s perfect as an affiliate program for small businesses because it takes care of Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing, and new leads and users. This way, you can combine affiliate and paid marketing well to see how your audience reacts to it.
Why You Should Choose Constant Contact:

The cookie life with this platform is two months. 
It also offers a $5 incentive for every referral and what’s better is that affiliates have $105 when referrals make a payment to create a new account on the platform. 

As one of the top-rated affiliated programs in India in 2024, is best for running affiliate campaigns, email marketing, forming and maintaining online blogs and so much more. The cookie life for is 180 days. Regarding pricing, there are 6 packages on offer which start from $27 on a monthly rate. 
Why You Should Choose

As an affiliate, you can have 40% commissions for a lifetime as per your sales and subscriptions. 
You can benefit from 6 pricing plans and resources for onboarding users using this program. 

20. Outgrow
Essentially focused on content, this top affiliate program works like a content creator tool for your company. You can choose from personalized content categories like quizzes, surveys, calculators, chatbots, fun tests, polls, recommendations, and more. It’s one of the best affiliate programs in India in 2024 because it is more organic through content creation. 
Why You Should Choose Outgrow:

The cookie life for Outgrow is around a month. 
What’s even better is that affiliates can earn 20% upfront and 20% recurring commission and a chance to feature on the platform too!

As the digital world expands, the demand for cybersecurity expertise grows, making it a strategic area to explore within the context of affiliate programs in India. A Cyber security BootCamp serves as a valuable platform for individuals to acquire the necessary skills to participate in these affiliate programs effectively. By honing their understanding of threat landscapes, risk assessment, and defense strategies, participants can become authoritative affiliates who provide valuable insights and solutions in the realm of cybersecurity. This synergy between affiliate programs and a cybersecurity bootcamp allows individuals to carve a niche within the digital landscape while addressing the critical need for robust security measures.

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