UNTHA Shredding Technology Elevates Global Marketing Strategy with New Director Appointment

In a strategic move poised to reshape its global marketing landscape, UNTHA shredding technology, an Austrian trailblazer in engineering, has recently woven a new thread into its corporate tapestry by appointing Katie Mallinson as its Global Marketing Director. This pivotal decision comes at a time when UNTHA, renowned for its cutting-edge shredding solutions with over 15,000 units installed worldwide, charts a course towards bolstering its market presence and fostering significant growth over the next half-decade. With nearly 15 years of expertise in working alongside UNTHA through her global communications firm Scriba PR, Mallinson is set to spearhead the company’s ambitious growth plans, leveraging her deep understanding of the brand and her innovative approach to global communications. Strategic Vision for Global Expansion At the heart of UNTHA’s ambitious agenda is a clear, strategic vision aimed at enhancing its global marketing strategy, strengthening communications across its subsidiaries, and nurturing the professional development of its team members. The appointment of Mallinson is not merely a change in personnel but a significant step towards adapting to the evolving needs and desires of customers worldwide. Christoph Walchhofer, Chief Customer Officer at UNTHA, emphasizes the importance of this adaptation, stating, “Our success hinges on our ability to listen, understand, and respond to the changing dynamics of our customers’ needs.” Mallinson, now at the helm of the global marketing department, looks forward to embarking on this journey, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and breaking new boundaries within the industry. Empowering Local Teams and Enhancing Communications One of Mallinson’s primary objectives is to recruit local marketing coordinators in various territories, a move designed to ensure that UNTHA’s marketing strategies are not only globally unified but also locally resonant and effective. By fostering a world-class communications approach that leverages digital marketing channels, social media platforms, and market research, Mallinson and her team aim to connect with target audiences more effectively and promote UNTHA’s shredding solutions. This strategy, inspired by insights from digital marketing best practices, underscores the importance of understanding the audience, creating high-quality content, and utilizing PPC advertising to establish UNTHA as an industry expert and drive conversions. Looking Towards a Sustainable Future The global environmental landscape is ever-changing, and UNTHA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is at the forefront of Mallinson’s agenda. Recognizing the critical role of shredding technology in waste management and recycling processes, UNTHA aims to not only lead in innovation but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Mallinson’s forward-thinking approach to global marketing—enriched by her extensive experience and fueled by a passion for environmental stewardship—promises to steer UNTHA towards new horizons, where technology meets sustainability, and market growth translates into positive environmental impact. In a world where the pace of technological advancement and environmental consciousness continues to accelerate, UNTHA’s strategic decision to appoint Katie Mallinson as its Global Marketing Director marks a significant milestone. As Mallinson takes the reins, her vision for a globally cohesive, innovative, and sustainable marketing strategy sets the stage for UNTHA’s continued success and leadership in the shredding technology industry.


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