Vericast and Snowflake Unite to Launch Innovative Data Products

Vericast, a leading marketing solutions provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Snowflake, a prominent Data Cloud Company, to introduce an innovative suite of data products aiming to transform marketing strategies. The collaboration sees the integration of Vericast’s NXTDRIVE customer data marketing platform with Snowflake’s data management capabilities, essentially redefining the way marketers connect with consumers.NXTDRIVE: A Gamechanger in Customer Data MarketingThe launch of the NXTDRIVETM Powered by Snowflake is a significant milestone in the field of marketing strategy and customer engagement. The platform equips marketers with a unified structure for first-party data utilization, audience segmentation, and personalized customer engagement, all within a privacy-conscious framework. By leveraging Snowflake’s structured query language, NXTDRIVE facilitates seamless data operations and provides insightful audience analytics.Privacy-First Approach: The Qonsent ConnectionVericast’s alignment with Qonsent, a zero-party consent enablement vendor, underscores the company’s pledge to protect data privacy. This partnership ensures that all data operations and customer engagements carried out via the NXTDRIVE platform align with the preferences of the consumers, thereby upholding the highest standards of data privacy.Launch of Groundbreaking Data ProductsAmong the data products launched in the Snowflake Marketplace are ‘New Movers’ and ‘New Construction Post-Movers.’ These innovative offerings leverage licensed U.S. Postal Service data, verified with proprietary technology, to enable marketers to target new homeowners and individuals moving into newly constructed residences with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. These data products mark a significant advancement in targeted marketing techniques.Future Prospects: More to Come in the Snowflake EcosystemLooking ahead, Vericast aspires to broaden its presence in the Snowflake ecosystem. The company plans to roll out more data products, services, and AI-driven solutions, capitalizing on its extensive online and offline data and its relationship with the USPS. By continuously innovating and expanding, Vericast aims to offer brands more opportunities to realize value from its data assets, thereby shaping the future of marketing strategies.

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