562,000 Bookings Generate $250M for Travel Suppliers in 2023

Stay22, a leading travel tech company renowned for its affiliate program aimed at bloggers and media, has announced a groundbreaking year in 2023, with bookings soaring to 562,000, a 194% increase from the previous year. This surge in bookings has translated into approximately $250 million USD in high-margin incremental revenues for its travel suppliers, setting the stage for an ambitious $415 million sales target in 2024. The announcement was made ahead of the ITB Berlin event, emphasizing Stay22’s pivotal role in connecting travel content creators with major travel suppliers worldwide. Expanding Reach in the Creator Economy Stay22’s technology platform has become a critical bridge in the creator economy, enabling travel bloggers and media to link seamlessly with major hotels, airlines, and online travel agencies. In 2023, Stay22’s innovative approach not only facilitated 562,000 bookings but also opened up new, hard-to-reach markets for its 11 global travel suppliers. The technology behind Stay22 is designed to bypass traditional distribution channels, offering unique distribution opportunities and access to a segment of the market that was previously untapped. Record Growth and Future Prospects Andrew Lockhead, CEO & Co-Founder of Stay22, expressed pride in the company’s performance over the past year, highlighting the significant value delivered to travel supplier partners. With $250 million in reservations in 2023 alone, Stay22 has proven its model not only works but thrives. Lockhead’s ambition doesn’t stop here; he aims to propel the company’s bookings to hit around USD415 million in sales during 2024. This growth strategy includes expanding the portfolio of supplier partners and bringing more blogger and media partners on board. Stay22 at ITB Berlin The Stay22 team’s participation in ITB Berlin, one of the world’s largest tourism trade shows, from March 5 to 7, is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering partnerships and exploring new opportunities. ITB Berlin offers a global stage for Stay22 to showcase its success and plans for future growth, inviting potential collaborators to join its expanding network. This event is a crucial step for Stay22 as it seeks to cement its position at the forefront of the travel tech industry, leveraging the power of the creator economy to drive unprecedented growth for its travel suppliers. As Stay22 continues to break new ground in the travel industry, its innovative approach to affiliate marketing stands as a beacon for how technology can redefine traditional business models. The company’s record-setting performance in 2023 not only underscores the effectiveness of its platform but also highlights the increasing importance of the creator economy in travel marketing. With ambitious plans for the future, Stay22 is poised to transform the landscape of travel distribution, benefiting suppliers and creators alike.


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