The Butter Board TikTok Controversy, Explained

The Butter Board TikTok Controversy, Explained

While dairy campaigns like the hugely successful 1993 “Got Milk?” campaign have garnered goodwill in the past, one TikToker is questioning the morals behind the viral butter board hack. She said that the discovery of the marketing strategy by Dairy Management Inc. left her feeling “sick.” She also pointed out the dangers of viewers not realizing they’re part of a larger marketing strategy, saying, “Some of the content we’re seeing that we think is an organic trend that’s happening is not necessarily organic.”

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In total, the Dairy Dream Team reaches an average of 25 million social media followers altogether. In response to the butter board controversy, some TikTok users agreed that they were skeptical of content on TikTok. One user wrote, “I find that on TikTok more than any other platform, I’m asking myself, ‘Is this an ad/sponsored?'” However, some users came to Justine Doiron’s defense, claiming that Dairy Management actually rejected the butter board as a marketing strategy and that Doiron posted it of her own accord because she liked it. 

While it remains to be seen what if any effect this will have on companies’ social media marketing strategies, the butter board has also garnered health concerns as well. Critics questioned the unhealthiness of butter and also believe butter boards could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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