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On August 24th, the affiliate environment welcomed new members. The release of the Affter affiliate program caused a media storm, bringing together the public and professional spheres. The enigmatic question “What’s beyond that?” hinting at the revolutionary nature of the program was a key trigger among many others in this eye-catching video.
Features of the Affter Brand
Affter’s appeal lies in its unparalleled combination of intelligence and style, which is a beacon in the affiliate marketing industry. The emergence of Affter, created by a team with over 6 years of successful iGaming experience, marks a transformational change. Drawing on their experience and proven track record, the team behind Affter has built partnerships with renowned niche brands, elevating affiliates to the upper ranks. Affiliate network is now the exclusive reseller of cutting-edge iGaming offerings available for immediate exploration by select teams.
Embrace the Evolution
A multifaceted range of offers distinguishes the Affter affiliate program, making it an attractive option to consider. A variety of betting and gambling offers, both popular and exclusive ones, shape the portfolio of the network. The affiliate program covers various GEOs – CIS, Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries – and is designed for a global affiliate community. Effective and flexible payment models include CPA, RevShare (25% to 45%) and Hybrid (CPA + RS) options.
Affter boasts a proprietary platform that features an intuitive interface enriched with advanced features. S2S Postback, ads, banners, creatives and full statistics are integral components. Providing maximum convenience, supports preferred payment methods: cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) and bank cards, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $100. An in-house media buying ensures the optimization performance of the affiliate network.
Exclusive Access
Access to the closed Affter community is limited, with specially designed promo codes. To enter the Affter affiliate platform, you must receive a secret promo code from managers or brand ambassadors. Alternatively, an invitation can be obtained through the recommendation of trusted referrals or opinion leaders. Networking events and conferences can also serve as additional access channels.
What sets Affter apart is its professional approach to operations, backed by knowledgeable affiliate managers. Affiliates who come to Affter gain access to lucrative prospects, including exclusive gambling and betting offers, diverse GEO coverage, and extended caps for high-performing ones. Affter’s willingness to take on all the risks that affiliates face in their operations underscores the company’s value proposition. The key managers of Julia Donska, Head of Resale, and Kristina Storozhyk, Marketing Director, epitomize the essence of Affter. The video release, a synthesis of style and content, reinforces their strategic message. The exclusivity of the video extends to affiliates who have yet to be in the «spotlight». Notably, the top affiliate teams have already received their elite invitations before the launch of the affiliate network.
While iGaming is still a thriving industry, the arduous journey shows its volatility, reinforcing the need for companies to adapt to changing conditions. Affter’s genesis was set in the crucible of experience and innovation, heralding its remarkable journey. To succeed in iGaming, strategies need to be realigned to the changing marketplace, corresponding to the affiliate community’s need to adapt.
Maxim Makovetskyi, Head of affiliates at Affter, explains:
«For many years, our team has provided affiliate marketing services for the Parimatch franchise, our client. However, the success of our affiliate programe has not only been due to the strength of the major brand but the team. With the current market turbulence, there were some concerns about further scaling and development. Maurizio Aschero, partner of the independent affiliate programe
Affter, made a deal with a part of the PMA team, thus opening for himself another business vector in the form of affiliate marketing. Our team developed the Affter brand and all further management processes on our side».
«As of the current date, PMAffiliates will cease its active presence in the market and transfer part of its activities and obligations to the Affter. As fulfilment of obligations to affiliates is our fundamental principle, all payments on RevShare and Hybrid deals concluded by the PMAffiliates team will be made as standard».Maurizio Aschero, seasoned CEO with a long history of management in the marketing industry. Terms of the deal were not disclosed by the parties involved.
Pre-moderation Process AAA
Access to the Affter sphere with the receipt of the promo code “EG_001” from European Gaming. Entering this code on starts the pre-moderation process. Final approval is given by the affiliate program manager and the code is only available for the first 10 registrations in the affiliate program.


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