Akshata Murthy Net Worth | Meet UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Indian Wife, Richer Than King Charles III; She Earns Rs 68 Cr As Passive Income Through These Shares

Akshata Murthy, Husband and UK PM Rishi SunakPhoto : AFPLondon: Akshata Murthy, the wife of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is an Indian businesswoman and fashion designer. According to Forbes estimates in 2022, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy’s net worth was pegged at over $800 million – more than the personal fortune of King Charles III.Akshata Murthy Net Worth | Akshata Murthy Net Worth In DollarsAkshata Murthy, 43, the daughter of Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy, reportedly owned a 0.93% stake in tech giant Infosys (as of 2022). According to the Forbes estimate, Akshata Murthy’s net worth is $715 million and it contributes to the collective net worth of Akshata Murthy and Rishi Sunak, which is pegged at $810 million (as of 2022). This is a quarter of a billion more than the personal net worth of King Charles III, whose fortune is reportedly pegged at about $500 million.Akshata Murthy education | Akshata Murthy husband, familyBorn on April 25, 1980, in Hubli, Karnataka, Akshata Murthy started her schooling years at the Baldwin Girls’ High School in Bengaluru. Akshata Murthy’s education qualification is – Claremont McKenna College (BA) Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Stanford University (MBA).Akshata Murthy and husband Rishi Sunak married in August 2009 in a two-day ceremony in Bengaluru. Akshata Murthy has two daughters and the Akshata Murthy’s portfolio includes four homes spread across the UK and California. Akshata Murthy’s real estate assets are pegged at $18.3 million according to Forbes.In 2010, Akshata Murthy started her design label called Akshata Designs in California. The venture was closed in two years. According to Forbes, Akshata Murthy earned ‘$70 million (pre-tax) in Infosys dividends from 2015 to 2022, plus $17 million from share sales in December 2017’. Earlier, in 2023 when Infosys declared a dividend at Rs 17.50 per share, Akshata Murthy’s dividend income from Infosys was pegged at a whopping Rs 68.17 crore.Dividend income is charged under the long-term capital gains in India, as against the UK, where it draws a flat 20 per cent tax. Akshata Murthy maintains her Indian nationality and has clarified her non-dom status in the UK.


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