On-Demand Webinar: How web store pages can catapult your brand to the top in 2024

On-Demand Webinar: How web store pages can catapult your brand to the top in 2024


14 February, 2024 | by Patrick Overall
Localistico, the leading local marketing and analytics platform, is excited to announce its on-demand webinar, “Future-Proof Your Business: How Web Store Pages can Catapult your Brand to the Top in 2024” Hosted by Kayleigh Barker, Vice President of Customer Success, and Josefina Daly, Head of Marketing.
Founder and CEO of Localistico, Ricardo Varela, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “In the digital era, taking command of your owned channels isn’t merely a strategy; it’s an imperative. These channels constitute the bedrock of your digital presence, serving as a direct link to your customers. With the evolving algorithms and regulatory changes, owning your channels can empower retailers and their teams to shape narratives, oversee customer experiences, and future-proof your brand in the ever-changing digital landscape – in general, to give better and more relevant information to customers and prospects so they can choose you.”
The session is focused on providing tools and insights to leverage Store Pages to enhance brand visibility, drive traffic, and optimize the online-to-offline customer journey. Covering the fundamentals of Store Locators, nuances of SEO, structured data, and the implications of the Digital Markets Act regulation, the discussion will serve as a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to harness the full potential of owned channels.
What will be covered:

Why companies are shifting their marketing strategy from external channels to owned channels.
The role of Store Locator/Pages in local marketing strategies and their impact on brand online presence.
How Store Pages contribute to enhanced SEO and increased website traffic.
How Store Pages redefine brand control, elevate user experience, and empower businesses.
The importance of structured data in aiding search engines and elevating your webpage’s relevance.

In this webinar, Localistico’s experts navigate through strategies, share valuable insights, and showcase success stories that empower brands to stay at the forefront in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With a focus on practical applications, viewers will gain actionable insights to enhance their own digital strategies.
Watch the recording here.
For more information on how to power your business strategy, please visit: www.localistico.com


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