Most social media users research on social platforms before making a purchase

Key stat: 67% of US social media users are at least somewhat likely to research products on social media platforms before making a purchase, per a March 2024 survey by IZEA.Beyond the chart:
US influencer marketing spend will reach $8.14 billion this year, according to our forecast.
But an effective social media presence goes beyond influencer posts. Brands need to make sure they have an organic presence on social media, where existing customers are broadcasting their use of products, in order to encourage prospective customers to buy.
For Gen Zers researching products on social media, YouTube is the most popular go-to, with 35.0% regularly researching on the platform, according to our July 2023 survey.
Use this chart:
Make the case for product-focused social media marketing.
Demonstrate the importance of organic social media.
Evaluate social media as a search platform.
More like this: Methodology: Data is from the April 2024 IZEA report titled “Influencers & Amazon 2024.” 1,280 US social media users ages 18+ were surveyed during March 19-20, 2024. The age range of the respondents was 18-29 (19.8%), 30-44 (23.5%), 45-60 (30.8%) and 60+ (25.9%).

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