Tips and tricks for effective performance marketing campaigns – Brand Wagon News

Tips and tricks for effective performance marketing campaigns – Brand Wagon News

By Ramashish Bhowmik

With the rise of digitisation, brands are increasingly shifting towards unparalleled marketing strategies as an effective tactic to solidify their position as market leaders. Emerging as the beacon of prowess for businesses to accomplish their marketing objectives- performance marketing has completely altered the foundations of successful marketing. From seasoned marketers to entrepreneurs, almost everyone is leveraging performance marketing to strengthen their marketing game. 

A result-driven approach that capitalises on producing measurable outcomes and quantifiable results, is a must to excel in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. Unlike conventional tactics, performance marketing delves deep into curating the most optimised marketing strategy, which aims to create brand awareness, whilst generating tangible outcomes from lead generation, sales, app instals or website visits, customer acquisition and much more. Further, this pay-for-performance model is the best channel for businesses to allocate resources effectively, and pay if the desired results are yielded. 

Performance marketing is recognised for hosting a myriad of advantages such as accurate targeting and segmentation, continuous optimisation based on data analysis, testing, and refinement, higher return on investment (ROI) and many others. Subsequently, it has become a cornerstone in the realm of marketing and beyond. As we venture into 2024, brands charting a meticulous roadmap to robust performance marketing strategy by harnessing the potential of effective tips, stand paramount with this competitive edge.

Designing irresistible offers and landing page

In a successful performance  marketing campaign, a well-laid-out landing page and constructive offers are non-negotiable. Poorly planned landing pages can often deter visitors from converting, simultaneously offers that don’t deliver anything in return can hamper customers from clicking through. For any performance marketer, the core responsibility lies in making sure that brands have an enticing offer and taking effective measures to regularly audit the site for any potential problems a visitor might encounter. By testing the overall user journey from a landing page to a shopping cart, auditing links and offers, and regularly updating content that is underperforming, Performance marketing can help brands witness unprecedented growth. 

Leveraging A/B testing to drive KPI metrics

Almost every great performance advertiser is cognizant that testing and measuring formulate the core aspects of holistic performance marketing strategies. For, a performance marketing strategy to work seamlessly and deliver the best possible outcomes, it is pivotal for marketers to implement A/B Testing in the mix, specialising in experimenting with diverse techniques and strategies for enhanced KPIs such as click-through rates, conversion rates, AOVs and website traffic to get a crystallised picture of what’s working and what’s not.

Careful selection of traffic sources 

One of the KPIs of performance marketing is to drive more traffic to the website, app or a mix of social media channels, but at the same time, it is equally important to ensure that the traffic is coming from reputable sources, laying down the basics of a full-proof performance marketing plan. When less-than-reputable sources are observed advertising the business, consumers may think twice about trusting the business’s reliability, service, quality and at last the brand itself, deterring consumers from visiting ever again. Instead of generating a plethora of low-quality traffic, brands need to collaborate with affiliates that are reputable and will drive meaningful traffic to the site.

Monitoring performance as per the set goals

It’s crucial for marketers to routinely monitor performance against the set goals, in order to procure a clear picture of the critical improvement areas. Since performance marketing is an iterative process that needs constant monitoring, it also delivers the opportunity to refine strategies if the campaign fails to meet the established expectations and results. With the aid of aligned and clear goals, brands will be able to design a roadmap to success, ensuring that the marketing efforts are targeted towards accomplishing desired outcomes that are directly correlated with the growth of the business. 

Performance marketing: The new-age data-driven approach to marketing

The world of performance marketing has evolved into the most sophisticated, game-changing and multifaceted discipline in the arena of marketing. At its heart lies formulating a methodology that is highly brand-centric, allowing it to only pay when the targeted action is undertaken by the consumer. With brands gaining more access to users’ data, it’s high time they leverage the power of their performance marketing arsenal to deliver the most exquisite customer experience.       

The author is co-founder of Adbuffs    

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